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  1. This video is fucking good hahahaha. I'm dead. The little notifications for emails and messenger are so good.


    I'd meant to watch it a while ago, but it completely slipped my mind. THANKS FOR REMINDING ME. Ahhh.


    Christ I love this game a lot.


    I'm also onboard with "don't really agree with everything he has to say (and sometimes very much disagree)". He can be wrong, and even be a dick. I also think he should just get off Twitter. He's a very long-winded individual, for better or worse... Definitely worse, on Twitter. Also, I think this game has a reputation for attempting to explicitly express one point of view, and that's not really deserved, or true. But whatever!!!


    I hope another video game will one day make me feel like The Witness did. It's not my favorite game (although it is definitely, definitely up there), but mostly it was very unique for me. I can't name another game that made me feel like this one. I wish there was more. Maybe some day I can play it again and it'll be like new. ):

  2. It's worth noting maybe that you have a lot of leeway with jumping after rolling off platforms in TF.


    It's definitely a different feel from other platformers, though. It took me a bit to really get into it. Liked it a lot in the end, although not enough to finish all the collecting nonsense.


    Affordable Space Adventures is definitely one of the highlights of the system for me. Love it.

  3. It used to have like five minutes of ads upfront, ten minutes of content, and five minutes of ads at the end. On a good day.

    I quit a while ago. Might be better now!


    EDIT: Ads for me, in this case, includes self-promotional junk, which is maybe unfair, but in a podcast that short that I listen to weekly, I don't need to hear about your coin for the thousandth time. I dunno.

  4. I also want to know this.


    Also, separately, is it yet another CW everybody's-hot-and-fucks-(or-wants-to-fuck)-all-the-time show. 


    EDIT: Beaten by Chris.


    That's a bummer. ): I've enjoyed a lot of what they're doing with the Archie-verse(??), but mostly as an outsider, without actually diving in. Was hoping this TV show might be a good starting point. Oh well.