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  1. Buncha indie games and otherwise smaller titles. Spla2n. I'll probably grab Mario Kart 8 again, now that I can bring it to work and play with friends over lunch. Arms. Puyo Puyo Tetris. Still haven't grabbed Snipperclips.


    At least a dozen games on the Switch this year (assuming no delays) that I at least have my eye on..

  2. All of the Nintendo fanpeople I know complain about Nintendo far more than the people who don't like Nintendo.


    It's always interesting to see this weird mixup in how people feel about how other people feel about Nintendo.


    EDIT: Err to be clear I am talking about the internet at large and not this thread. Like I see people who don't like Nintendo campaigning against them at every turn. I see people who love Nitnendo whining about everything they do. I see people who love Nintendo whining about people whining about Nintendo. I see people who hate Nintendo perplexed at people who love Nintendo proclaiming Nintendo's imminent death. Occasionally, I see people who just like Nintendo games and want to play them. It's rare, though.


    I've been part of a community of Nintendo fans (dwindling for years and years and now just a group of ~5 people in a Slack over yonder) and today there was an argument about whether or not friend codes means the system's going to die. (Of course, in between all this, there's talk about Trump, and the ACLU (a few of us are members), and shitty things happening in tech (like the recent stories about sexism at Uber, and how it's everywhere), but... that's neither here nor there. This is about NINTENDO.


    And Nintendo is doomed.


    It's something I've been engrossed with basically since I discovered the internet, and I still don't understand why Nintendo invigorates such strong feelings of animosity.

  3. Haha damn that is one brutal review. I love it. (I mean that sincerely. But then I also love reading Tom Chick's reviews. He's one of my favorite reviewers. Reviewers who aren't afraid to be completely straight with their own opinions about games like Zelda, almost guaranteed to be adored by the masses, are my jam.)


    This is now the only review I've read for BOTOW, and it's quite fun reading someone who is so the complete opposite of me tear apart a game I'm fairly certain I'm going to love.

  4. 6 minutes ago, Gormongous said:


    I have encountered many people who "would rather focus on the positive" that is something like how good the new Zelda is than talk about the shitty things that Nintendo's done lately. It's not an overt argument that someone's making, it's an unwillingness to engage with the negatives of something they like.


    Like I said, I think those are the same people who would assert it's not really a problem to begin with. If it were a problem to them, they wouldn't be able to focus on the positive. At least, that's how I am. I desperately wish, every day, that I could focus on the positive. It is my preferred state of being. But I'm overwhelmed by negative feelings about various aspects of things I consume (and the things that surround those things), so even if I would rather focus on the positive... I can't.


    I also think what you're describing is different from the proposed argumentative caricature of a human being portrayed above.


    26 minutes ago, dium said:


    I have communicated my position badly: I have encountered this as a straw-argument before, but no, I haven't encountered any real people who say this.


    Ah, I misunderstood!

  5. 19 minutes ago, dium said:

    I've encountered countless straw people like that, for sure.


    you've encountered someone who would otherwise criticize, say, fire emblem, for its creepy pedo thousand year old dragon shit, but then when, say, zelda comes out, they use zelda as an excuse to suddenly assert that creepy pedo thousand year old dragon shit isn't important?


    i've certainly encountered people who would say it's not a problem from the start, but i've never encountered someone who would actually criticize it one moment, and then defend it by proxy the next...


    12 minutes ago, dartmonkey said:

    You peeps need to keep better company :P


    even on gaf i've never seen anyone like this!


    maybe they exist in 4chan, a place i've never dared venture

  6. I think it's funny that they continue to use friend codes.


    I also think it's funny that it's such a big deal.


    I've never cared either way, and they've improved the system since their inception. I know when I log in for the first time, it's going to suggest all the friends I've added across their various apps. If I don't have a connection yet, I get a screenshot or picture of the code via text or Slack or something and I'm in business.



    "So I gave someone else my Friend Code and had them send a request over. Once you receive the request, you get a notification with their Username and Icon. You then have the option to Become Friends, Decline Request, or Block. If you Become Friends, the connection is done. It doesn't look like you both have to trade codes."