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  1. Y'all don't seem to think that these frightened PC players would enjoy smaller games that a lot of folks wouldn't consider worth a buck, but I certainly would have if I had known they existed.


    Nope, nobody said that.

  2. Quote

    Not to Valve, though, who have a very limited idea of what a game should be.


    It's interesting that you purport to know what Valve thinks games are. If you were right, those games on clyde's list would never have been allowed in the first place. (Ignoring the fact that, for the most part, they are, actually, widely accepted as games.) And, yet, there they are. Hmmm. Wonder how that happened.


    It's also interesting that the defense of the libertarian dream for the free market is also, here, conflated with social justice. Despite history not providing evidence of the libertarian ideal actually working in that way.

    Do you know why Steam actually sucks? It's because capitalism doesn't allow for the success and well-being of artists who don't manage to achieve the necessary amount (of varying degrees, depending on scale of project) attention from the masses.


    Until capitalism is abolished forever, I'll always argue in favor of regulating the market, as a regulated market is a necessity. Those games you so dearly love are overcrowded by ugly lazy bullshit that distracts.


    And, yeah, go to! It's a good source of neat little games! 


    (Here's a secret, though: if ever met the same success as Valve's Steam, they'd have to find solutions to this very same problem that Valve is struggling with.)


    PS, TB is widely recognized as an asshole. He's said some shitty things, especially around GG's heyday. Meanwhile, Jim Sterling actively fights for the very things you act like he's against.

  3. That is entirely their purported end goal. At least, it's Gabe's end goal. Valve as a whole seems to keep working against it. (Though, the Explorers could semi-feasibly be expanded in the future to separate storefronts for specific curators?? Maybe???)


    Also, what Cordeos said.

  4. Well, one, Greenlight is going away. Two, you're still wrong. These might be the types of games targeted by your strawmen, but they do not have the power to remove the games themselves. Besides, in your hypothetical chaotic world, literally any game will be a target. Which is, to be frank, a laughable idea.

  5. You've listed a bunch of games which don't even remotely fit the category of games in question. The closest is RPG Maker games, because many of them use default assets that come with the engine. Many of those are utter garbage (I should know), but even they don't fit the category because they have actual writing that is unique to that game (to the extent that any cookie-cutter game can be unique).


    So, no. You're wrong.

  6. 11 minutes ago, clyde said:

    Of course they will have other venues for distribution, but some examples of games that have artistic value that I imagine would be targeted for removal:
    -Depression Quest

    -Magic Wand

    -50 Short Games

    -any Twine game

    -games made with RPG Maker

    -Visual novels

    -any game that uses a publicly available 3d model or environment from the Unity asset store. With the exception of the Digital Homicide games, I'm not aware of any that are up for sale, but I'm sure there are some.

    -Dominique Pamplemousse




  7. The problem is not that the games exist. The problem is that they distract from other games that are good and deserve attention. Nobody besides someone who obstinately wants to rail against "haters" want this shit.


    And it's definitely Valve's job to curate their fucking store with at least a modicum of quality control.

  8. Okay.


    I don't think I have any answers that will satisfy you. If you don't believe it's a problem, oh well. Have fun with the games you like. I'll continue avoiding using the store.

  9. Those are not examples... Those are games with actual effort put into them. They're probably shit - they look shit - but anyone begrudging their existence is just being a baby.


    I'm not going to go hunt down examples because, to be frank, I can't be bothered, I just don't care enough, but one example that always stuck with me is that one time I saw a thing on green light called "rock simulator". It literally had a rock in an empty field and you could look at it. That's it.


    This didn't make it on steam (I'm pretty sure??). But I've seen shit that is only marginally more interactive make it to the store. I suspect they get removed over time, considering valve is aware of the problem, but given how easy it is to get through green light, they just keep showing up.

  10. They're all over steam. They're not interesting. They're offensive and exploitative. This isn't about my personal identity. This is about people doing shitty things to take advantage of ignorant people.

  11. Jim Sterling has an obnoxious style, but TotalBiscuit is a racist shitbag, so Jim Sterling wins out.


    Anyway yeah like Beasteh says, "fake games" are just shitty things made in the cheapest way possible in order to make a quick buck from people who don't know better. They probably don't meet success very often, but they overcrowd stores without actual quality control and make it harder to find good stuff.


    It's worth noting that Steam's discovery queue, for all that people seem to hate it, has helped a significant number of smaller devs making legitimate games actually find a bigger audience. I dunno about this explorer thing, and I sincerely wish Valve would just fucking hire people to do this for them, but their "solutions" do tend to improve things for the devs more often than not. Even if by just fucking hiring somebody they could improve it way way way way way more.

  12. It would make sense for the solid plastic case to have a different warp factor (is that a thing??) from the clear plastic screen. Heat will naturally do that after a while. Hopefully it doesn't get too extreme.


    I didn't realize it was that subtle. Maybe mine is having a problem after all and I just didn't notice. I'll have to check tonight!