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  1. If people are digging this sort of analysis, I'd offer the following resources which went a long way toward shaping my own perceptions. I have significant disagreements with all of them but taken together they all encouraged me to question things I'd taken for granted and to look at the film in a new light:



    Dude, I freaking love it. Thank you so much.


    One thing that grabbed me in your long post though - when you say that the red room is a place that Bob does not control. What do you think about the contrast between the red room in Cooper's initial dream - a very slow, methodical, (weird), safe space wherein he learns of Laura's killer - and the horrific hellhole that is seen in the series finale? Is it possible that Windom Earle's interference is what led Bob into the space, and therefore corrupted it, or am I overlooking the stuff where Mike and Bob come from the same place, i.e. the red room/black lodge too much?

  2. Best of luck, Azniac! I think the key thing is to remember that they wouldn't hire you if they didn't want you there. I have this all the time as an actor - the sense of dread and of not-belonging - but then I remember that I was cast for a reason: because I suit the role. It's the exact same thing with any job! If you are still really nervous, take your boss aside at some stage and say "Hey, look, I'm feeling a little insecure - could you promise me that, if I start going down the wrong path, you'll tell me that I am so that I can fix it?"

  3. Actually Leland's doppelganger is in the lodge, not Leland himself. The implication to me is that Leland is not in the Lodge but that he was inhabiting his own body (I don't know what this implies for Cooper, who seems to be absent from his body).

    FWWM definitely showed how Bob was there for a long time but also seemed to confirm Leland as culpable to me. His creepy controlling behaviour at dinner is not Bob. Bob is much more unstable and rash he delights in feeding off pain and suffering but Leland is calculated, domineering and controlling. They fit as partners but both act out and want different things.

    I think, in answer to the first part, it's that Leland and the doppelgänger switched just before Leland's death.

    As for the second part... I don't know. Maybe I'm too sympathetic? Throughout, I've only ever seen Leland as a victim

  4. I had the same feeling about Leland, though to a much smaller degree (mostly cause of the screentime offered to him). In the show it seemed like Leland was a tragic empty vessel that was possessed by the real perpetrator. because it was more ambiguous with the earlier treatment, and then when the Bob/Leland connection is brought to the foreground it feels like they shy away from acknowledging Leland's own agency. In the film it seemed like he was just a terror all the time. Even when he's apologising to Laura it seems to unnerve her.


    I actually took that as confirmation that Bob has been there for far longer than simply the previous few weeks. 


    Actually, here's a question: I've only watched the entire run once and so haven't really been looking at the more subtle hints throughout (if they exist, which they may or may not) -


    How much of this do you think is Leland's fault, and how much is solely Bob? If Leland is trapped in the Black Lodge, surely that suggests it's entirely Bob committing these awful acts (in much the same way I think most would agree that the Cooper at the end of S2 is not Cooper at all)...

  5. I meant more that I was wondering what Annie's mental state might be. It seems odd to me to presume that no-one in the lodge might have done anything to Annie and just let her be. Couldn't she have a doppelganger too?

    Well, there's only one Bob, so I assume not. Windom seemingly perished inside the black lodge - unless she is taken over by the little man or the giant. :P

  6. I don't think I can manage to watch the last two episodes and the movie, let alone another series. Argh. Will have to force myself soon I guess.

    You really should. You can kind of have the penultimate ep in the background while playing on your phone or something, but the finale and the movie are pure, terrifying Twin Peaks. Super good.

  7. I'm feeling very down today. A combination of things: I haven't spoken to a girl I've been seeing in almost a week now (she's on vacation with her mum in Scotland) and I'm worried that her silence is meant as an indication that things aren't going to progress any further between us; I just received a No from drama school, which bums me out as I got through to the final round last year but something has changed, and I've done poorly in all my auditions this year; I'm also exhausted from work, and I don't know. I don't sleep well.

  8. Buying a birthday present for a two year old girl is NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE.


    Bright, colourful book. Always a good choice. Even if she can't read it yet, it's a good idea.