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  1. Planning to go sit on a beach somewhere in Asia and drink beer until I figure out what to do with my life next.



    GOOD CHOICE. Need any SE Asia ideas? Hit me up!

  2. " there are legitimate reasons to want to return this game after purchase."


    Has anyone else seen this post on Destructoid earlier today? I guess this discussion may fall into spoiler territory, so be warned. You should really play it. It's a damn fine experience.


    [To clarify the above statement regarding refunds, while I view this game as a work of fiction, and recommend people play it as such, many players view the narrative as an accurate work of non fiction.

    If you fall into the camp that view this as non fiction, an aspect of the narrative implies that the content is stolen wholesale from another developer. While I paid for the game and believe doing so is a morally acceptable action, what I wish to make clear is that if players disagree with my reading of the narrative and feel I reccomended them an experience they didn't morally agree with, there is a financial way to back out of that purchase.

    This is not an encouragement to back out of payment due to length, but simply me pointing out that if you finish the game and believe the narrative to be non fiction, and if you believe that you purchased stolen goods, there is a way to avoid your money remaining with that developer in this very specific case.

    My initial vague comment was an attempt to avoid a major spoiler for the narrative, but has unfortunately left the reasons for my recommendations open to wider interpretation]


    Does everyone else agree that this is dumb, and that TBG is clearly a work of fiction? Am I overlooking something in the narrative that would actually cause concern? I just saw this blow up on Twitter earlier, and was shocked that anyone could think that this was actually a video game about stolen work.

  3. A live episode is something we've talked about forever but haven't had the time to properly figure out. It's on the list of things I hope we can do when Firewatch is done. Doing 250 live would be crazy but might make sense, as that's GDC week (probably). That might also make it impossibly insane to consider.


    I will be in town again for GDC and would happily help make this a reality if you need extra hands.

  4. Totally agree about the MaxFun ads sucking. The MBMBAM ads suck in the flop house, and the reverse is true in MBMBAM. It's strange how bad they are, really. Also, I think Jordan Jesse Go weren't that funny when they did MBMBAM...

  5. Ring the Pachter klaxon.

    I need independent verification that I'm not being exceptionally dim. I know Pachter's more vg personality now than analyst, but...well, I can't work out if he's trolling or not. He's cracked out the 'Nintendo is doomed without 3rd party support' chestnut. Tosh, but fair enough. He thinks Nintendo could potentially nibble away at Sony and MS' market share. Well, I guess it's not impossible. But where he really comes into his own is here:

    "Ultimately, the only people who are going to buy it are people that don't have a PS4 or Xbox One. Or, people who have a PS4 or Xbox One, and want to play Nintendo games."

    Maybe I'm being particularly dim, but doesn't everybody ON EARTH fall into one of those categories?

    Pachter Shmachter Trashcompachter



    You're forgetting the people who will never play video games.


  6. Life, man. I think you made the right decision, too.


    Life? Don't talk to me about life.




    (Pretty sure that's a retread of the first comment I ever made in this thread, because I was trying to be super witty. Now it's just apt.)



    EDIT: Sorry for taking over this thread. This has been eating me up for the last while and I need a place to vent.


    EDIT AGAIN: She has now deleted me from social media. I feel empty.

  7. See, the thing is: I know you're all right. I have enough of a messed-up mind to be able to detach from myself and look critically at situations. I just keep wildly oscillating between feeling like I've done the right thing, not believing what I've done, and horribly hating myself!