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  1. 3 minutes ago, osmosisch said:

    That doesn't make the experience of actually reading the book any better though. Like, having an entire hefty book be basically all bullshit lies just so you can score points down the road is not good writing. Plus, what Gorm said :fistbump:


    On 3/24/2017 at 6:27 PM, Gormongous said:


    I've heard this a lot, but I think it's really a way for Rothfuss to have his Mary Sue cake and eat it, too. When I really and truly lost patience with the series was Felurian.



      Reveal hidden contents

    Qvothe gets trapped in fairyland with the ancient embodiment of carnal lust, has sex with her, and lives. This isn't made up at all: he describes Ferulian, fairyland, and the Cthaeh perfectly; he has the magical

    shaed (barf) that Ferulian made especially for him, he suddenly acquires bedroom abilities that multiple women are able to confirm, and he has his own pet fairy Bast there to corroborate everything. Whatever else Qvothe fibbed about, like not bleeding when being whipped or calling down the lightning on those bandits, he still snuck into fairyland, slept with someone who has killed everyone she's ever slept with, made her fall for him by playing her music, and escaped to tell the tale. And that's not the only time that Rothfuss can't help making Qvothe demonstrably a badass in addition to reportedly a badass: there's also the time that he defends himself in the royal court against charges of treason, speaking in a language he learned overnight, in front of hundreds of witnesses, just off the top of my head.


    I'd really like to read a fantasy novel about a fraud who's the hapless beneficiary of rumor and ignorance, but The Kingkiller Chronicles isn't it, if only because Rothfuss doesn't have the discipline to make his character not secretly awesome.



    These, for sure. It also made the Modern Day fight stuff incredibly grating (Spoilers, he gets into a fight in the present day) because it's like, you spend TWO WHOLE BOOKS talking about how badass this dude is, and then that fight is pathetic. I dunno. It's too inconsistent.

  2. Yeah, I pretty much enjoy these books because they're easy to read, but by GOD do they infuriate me. Probably once a chapter I'd take a screengrab of my Kindle and send it to my girlfriend (who studied at the school Rothfuss used to lecture at) and be like WHAT IS THIS SHIT. 


    And SO MUCH of Wise Man's Fear is a very very prepubescent idea of sex and lotharioism and it's genuinely both hilarious and infuriating. Probably 20% is spent w the dude having sex w this mystical elf woman? Urgh. And yet, I persisted.

  3. Yeah, it's a very weird and brilliant story. It helps that John McLemore, the instigator of the reporting, is absolutely fascinating. I'm about 4 episodes in, and despite the story's chance in tack, I can't help but be curious about this story's arc.

  4. 10 hours ago, Ben X said:


    I finished Dirk Gently and am upgrading my opinion to very good. I kept thinking it was going to run out of steam but it actually paced itself really nicely, hidden segments kept unfolding, and the emotional stories all struck. It reminded me a fair amount of Utopia.


    I genuinely have no idea how anyone enjoys this show. Putting aside the fact that I think it shares nothing w DG bar the name, I just... don't get it. It's unfunny, frustrating, and the characters are all hateable. A shame, bc the cast is actually pretty good!

  5. Another school year begins, and my first as a specialist instead of a generalist. It was a good week, met both classes I'll be teaching, and had one heartwarming moment with a little girl who only speaks French in a very English school. She was in tears over her Math "what do you remember from Grade 4" pre-test because she couldn't understand some of the questions, so I crouched down next to her and started explaining everything in French. None of the other grade 5 teachers speak it, and I don't think she realized I did until I started doing so with her. She figured out everything she needed to and was beaming by the end of it. Has spent the last 2 days following me around in the halls chatting about whatever comes into her head because she knows that I will understand her and she seems like she's been kinda starved for someone to talk to. Super cute. I think I made a buddy.


    Awwwwwwwww bravo pal.

  6. All of these stories are really great!

    I'm especially interested in hearing about people who have read these books in different languages. I read the last Harry Potter book in Russian and was really amused by some of the changes (for instance, the title is not Deathly Hallows but instead is The Gifts of Death).

    For the reread - and honestly for my Russian practice - I'm going to try and read a few of the books in Russian...


    Ochen harosho!

  7. I bought this game yesterday after hearing Jake's comparison to a Zelda game, and have to admit I really really like it, and enjoy the level of difficulty. I'm always shitty at these sorts of open-world games, but so far haven't gotten too lost... Man, I do like it a lot though. It's also the first game I've played a One controller on my PC!