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  1. 2 hours ago, utilityfrog said:

    Just listened to the podcasts and enjoyed them greatly!


    One small nitpick: Jake mentioned several times that doppelgangers in the red room have blue eyes. The eyes have always looked definitively white to me, both in ep 29 and in Mr C's brief scene in ep 18 of The Return. This also potentially ties in with the line in the Woodsman's poem about the "white of the eyes".


    Theyre definitely a light blue!


  2. Just now, plasticflesh said:

    Doing a rewatch of season 3 after finishing the first watch, I can't help but see bad cooper as literally Richard looping back around into the story. Richard goes off to find Judy at the end of season 3... and then Mr C picks up right where he leaves off at the start of season 3, neck deep in his search for Judy.


    I kinda see where this is coming from, except we don't see any suggestion of BOB in Richard, but he's definitely there in BadCoop.

  3. 1 hour ago, Guts said:


    Pretty interesting, I prefer the idea that it is a prison created by Judy instead of a trap created by the fireman. Mostly because of the way Laura was removed from coopers grasp with the scream. But either way, I think there are some good points.


    .. another thought, the headlights that passed them on the highway, Judy figures out where they are headed rushes ahead to set up a false front, but can't help using the same fake names.


    I agree with the first part here, yeah: if it was a part of the Fireman's plan, he would have let Cooper take him into the red room (I guess that's where they were going, back to Glastonbury Grove?)


    And that second part, I don't think is correct: I think that is literally just Lynch playing with expectations and creating tension.

  4. 7 minutes ago, unimural said:


    Early in the season three I had to ask myself: "Why am I watching this? Would I watch this if this was made by anyone else except Lynch." Probably not. But I do think what Lynch does wouldn't work if it was just good storytelling. It's some weird form of worldbuilding by osmosis. A shadow image based on what we don't see. I doesn't always quite work. But I think if season three had been cut down to the central storyline, of Cooper getting lost in Dougie on his way to try and find Laura, it wouldn't have worked the same.


    I know this sounds very Stockholm syndrome, and perhaps it's just that. Sunk costs. I'm also not suggesting it's an intricately built thing where everything is just so for a specific purpose, effect. I think it's a mess, partly made on impulse. But, I think, ultimately, I'm glad that Lynch, for once, got to do exactly what he wanted to do and I got to see it. If the price of admission is some dissatisfaction and abandoned stories, so be it.


    EDIT: Also, thank you for a thorough dissection on your reaction. It helped me my to gel mine. Even if mine is a bit of a cop-out :-)


    I think this is exactly right, and linked into why some of the effects in the show are “bad” and why some are seamless - he’s trying to evoke feelings and emotions, even if it doesn’t always make literal sense. 


    I personally found the Freddie/BOB fight incredible tense and thrilling, despite the schlocky effects, for example. I knew it was ridiculous and yet I was completely under its spell. 

  5. Hey you all. Remember how happy and GoodCoop-like Dougie was when getting home? Hugging his wife and kid and saying “Home”? And how muted Coop was in his quest to save Laura? How, perhaps, Diane-tulpa-like? What if Coop did the first selfish thing in his life and created a Tulpa to continue his life in the FBI, and he went to live the life he never had with Janey-E and Sonny Jim?



  6. Just now, anoldtoilet said:

    Diane might not have been the same, but Cooper is. He reads the note addressed to Richard like he has no idea what Linda is talking about, and then later in the same episode introduces himself as Agent Dale Cooper.


    He isn't the Dale Cooper from S1/2 or S3 E16/17 though. I agree with you that he *is* the same physical being, but I don't think he is the same person.

  7. 2 minutes ago, anoldtoilet said:

    At the end of episode 18, Laura is alive, knows who she is, and is back in Twin Peaks. Cooper succeeded in saving her. BOB is in the Lodge again, and will remain there. There are loose ends to tie up, but they're in a better position to do so than ever before. Chalfont/Tremond tried to trick Coop and Laura into walking away into the darkness, forgetting everything that happened, and living a life lost, empty, and filled with pain, but it didn't work. Laura still woke up from the dream.


    But it isn't Twin Peaks. That's how I read it: this is an alternate world/reality, where nothing is the same: not even Cooper.

  8. 13 minutes ago, purps said:

    From a interview with Sherylin Fenn this week...




    Also some people noticed that Mark Frost was liking tweets where people were saying that they hope a season 4 happens.


    I... kinda hope it doesn’t happen. I adored the whole experience of S3, but whomever it was that said it was right: how the hell can you continue a show that was gone for 25 years? And then just pick it up a season later as if nothing has happened? I like the idea of the end signifying the futility of Cooper’s quest, really: the good in him wants to change the past, and save Laura. But he can’t, he never can. I felt the entire scene where his face is transposed over the moving image was inside his head, and felt that supported by “We live inside a dream.”


    that, I think, is cooper’s flaw: he lives inside a dream world, where you can save the life of a dead girl. That’s the second tragedy, the inability to change the past. The past may dictate the future, but it cannot be changed. 

  9. 11 minutes ago, MalcolmLittle said:



    In Part 17, did Sarah block Cooper's attempt to change the past?


    Dale tried to change the night of the murder, but didn't it work? Did it?


    Cooper tried to change what he did to Diane, but did he?


    Linda acted like she knew what they were trying to do, but seemed to despair regardless.


    I can't stop thinking of Cole's dream. Who is the dreamer?



    And Cooper’s line from the superimposed face: “We live inside a dream.” It really did seem like a dream, with everyone there, one big happy family. 

  10. 5 hours ago, pyide said:

    Cooper would have recognized Candie / Diane immediately, no? After waking up and riding in the same limo as her to the airport of course, but even seeing her before in full Dougie mode would have triggered something in him, surely. 
    I'm not sure how people are trying to reason that one, aside from the anagram name game that doesn't exactly fit.


    And we know Diane looks like Laura Dern's character because of Albert and Gordon's acceptance of her from the start. And the tulpas we've seen so far have shared the looks of the original in some way. I think even Naido as Diane is a stretch but since her face is covered and scarred and we don't really know Diane's original hair color or anything, it could still work.

    I’m sticking to the idea that her spirit is in mouth-bleeding man. 

  11. 13 minutes ago, Mentalgongfu said:

    So there are at least 3 current Diane theories I have read now:


    1) Naido is Diane

    2) Candie is Diane

    3) Lucy is Diane.


    I think 3 is highly unlikely. I'm ambivalent on 1 & 2 since they are based on anagram/wordplay and very little else in the way of clues.


    Lucy is in the sheriff's station, but she is a character we have known since the original, and though she and Andy have their own level of oddities, I don't think there's any reason to think she would suddenly become or be revealed to be another person.


    Candie is on the way to the sheriff's station, so she presumably will be in there. Not sure what else would argue in favor of it, other than her being a little weird and spacey, like Lucy.


    Naido is indeed also in the sheriff's station, and she is important and must be protected, as Andy told us, so that is a point in favor. I'm not sure her appearance in the purple world early in the series jives with the idea she's Diane, but I think this is more likely than the other options above.


    And of course, there is always Door number 4) Someone else is Diane or Diane is in the sheriff's station in some other form - spiritually, metaphysically or in a Josie-is-the-doorknob sort of way.




    What if mouth-bleeding man is Billy, but Diane is inhabiting Billy ala Coop inhabiting Dougie????

  12. 7 hours ago, jrisk said:

    I think it's a given that there's no way Dougie/Coop will die in this series, especially since he's been able to circumnavigate multiple attempts on his life. Do you think this is all just because of luck or is there someone looking for him? We've seen Mike directly influence his actions during the Ike the Spike attack, I wonder if Mike has been involved all along, perhaps the one planting those red room signals for Dougie to follow.


    I believe that’s the case, though I’m not sure if it’s Mike so much as it is the unconscious will of the lodge to aid him in his times of need. If Cooper comes back at all (I’m beginning to think he may not) then I think he will be left to his own fate. I think that for badcoop to die/return to the lodge, dale must live, so its in the red room’s interests to keep him alive.