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  1. "Those guys have all the fun" A story about ESPN, the multinational, global sports juggernaut. Really awesome book so far, more of a story then a history. Lots of great anecdotes from the personalities, while guiding you through how the network grew into what it is today.

  2. I also am a huge fan of witch doctor, by far my favorite hero and best support. His stun lasts forever if you do it right, his ult has massive ganking and teamfighting potential, and he has a team heal and damage boost, and a good attack animation and range!

    I finally made my first purchase to open one of the summer boxes, and got the bonus witchdoctor costume along with that

  3. Anyone else a fan of axe? I recognize he's not widely known as a "good" hero, but he's a whole lot of fun, even if it's hard for him to make a big impact late game. Anyone have any creative item builds or strategies for him besides the usual? I already sometimes try the super agressive battle hunger lane domination style. It's a hell of a lot of fun to chase your opponents back to their tower to dominate the lane because axe can tank so well.