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  1. I'm up for this, seeing as it's friendly towards my CPU and disposable income capabilities, especially if there's a Thumbs Crew so we can fail gloriously together.

  2. And now there's confirmation that, just like the Win10 version, all the FMV is going to be streamed with no option to download it (like you can on XBOne). Guess Remedy just really doesn't want to sell me a game.

    But surely it does, hence Quantum Beakr coming to Steam less than 6 months after its W10 debut.

    Curious that the video isn't at least an optional download though...

  3. Pulling this over from the NNID thread,

    Setup a weekly weekend tournament for Mario Kart

    Its probably using my local time settings for the times so I left time open pretty much all day sat/sun cst

    0030 Saturday through 2330 Sundays CST (-6 GMT)

    All items/vehicles
    8 races, base cups only


    Any chance we could get something like this going again?

  4. Tanu recently posted about a mini-game collection called Everybody's Stress Buster in the recently completed games thread

    - "The games might be set for people with OCD since one of the mini-games is just... organizing books... which I found SO SATISFYING!"

    Are the books also rearrangeable in Quad Cow? ("4 Cow"? "Tucows 2"?)

  5. so apparently Fallout 4's season pass is going to be $50?

    anywho, i was going to wait for the GOTY edition and hope to pay $60 for everything, but not sure if that'll happen anytime soon (usually Bethesda has that version out around a year after initial release). that said, Newegg is essentially doing that deal right now for the PC version.

    so if you're one of the rare few like me that hasn't played this game yet, might be time to bite.

    I think they might have changed the listing since you posted it, as it now says "DICE's Game of the Year," referring to that award it won the other day but not to any extra content over and above the base game?