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  1. Klenton Willis here. The Ruination cast was great! I had to listen to the whole thing because I was one of the last topics read! Really enjoyed the discussion and especially the SF Eats and Coffee spots.

    Just received the $200 Kick Starter Stuff and I am in a state of bliss. Thanks for Detroit Tigers love!

    Hearing you guys ruin my topic was great! I asked about the gaming as a job type thing and hearing my question read out loud, I can see how you would go down the gamification/jobification path. I mentioned Ender's Game because at one point Ender didn't know he was doing real shit and that it was more than simulation. I don't know if that falls in into the definition of gamification. Maybe it does.

    Anyway, keep up the good shit. Love what you guys are doing, hence the showering of funds!

  2. Really enjoyed the podcast.

    I am far removed from college now but your comments about your music professors really resonates with me. Apparently its common for professors in college to teach you things as gospel but seldom remember to tell you or reinforce that they are really giving you a base of knowledge that will allow you to forge new ground.

    I guess its not entirely their fault, the student needs to realize (as you did) that at best, learning 18th Century Choral music gives you some knowledge about what worked back then and what elements might be present in current choral music today.

    The student also needs to realize that essentially, they are being taught by peers with more experience. Their teachers (if they are good) are also "students" in their field.

    So, to your knowledge, are game designers today being "schooled" how to crank out "clones" or are they really being pushed to acknowledge the existing body of games and go further?

    (I don't know if you have seen this quote by Branford Marsalis on "What he has learned from his students" but it is interesting...


  3. The book was mentioned at the start of Wright's lecture so the connection was intended. I am personally only 20 pages into that book though (I happen to be reading it at the moment) so I don't know how his talk relates to it.

    It is a great read. I have picked up the book about 4 or 5 times. Each time I get a little further into it. It is the kind of book that means more and more to you as you experience life. I think the next time I pick it up I might be able to finish it.

    I would be interested in your thoughts as you read the book. You can't really toss around the name Phaedrus without drawing an analogy to "his" role in the book.

    Happy Reading! I might pick it back up myself.

  4. Baaspei here.

    Been in love with gaming since I was little playing pong.

    In general, I like mindless oldschool shooters or JRPGs. I am not a fan of FPS unless it has a story. I will play them if I get a chance to blow up my friends. But in general no FPSs in my personal "Library".

    Broke my kid in on video games with Spyro for his fifth birthday.

    Just bought a Wii for the wife.

    Find time to play when I can.

    Baaspei (Klenton Willis)