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  1. 15 hours ago, Apelsin said:


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    The Signal from Tölva! Great game!





    5 hours ago, Henke said:


    Oooooh I've seen videos of this one, but the name is eluding me. I wanna say it starts with an "E" and is about 5 or 6 letters long.


    You're on the right track.




    Lords of the Fallen




    Fallout 4




    Witcher 3


  2. 1 hour ago, Henke said:

    sucks2Bme is correct, Gwardinen is close. So close I almost wanna say it's correct but I'm gonna go ahead and be a hard ass and demand the super-specific correct answer.

    I knew 27 looked familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it.


    34 must be


    Portal Stories: Mel.


  3. With one notable exception (Flamelurker), I found the bosses to be easy, too. I wouldn't worry about upgrade materials much. The lower-end versions of hardstone and sharpstone can be farmed if really necessary, and that's probably all you're going to need if you're not going for some specific build.

  4. I forget where the numbers come from, but you've got it right. There are 5 worlds, each with their associated Nexus archstone, and then the worlds are divided into 4 or 5 consecutive sections by boss battles. I think there's an arbitrary force field in world 1 that keeps you from progressing until you've beat a certain number of other bosses, but otherwise you can pick and choose where to go next. I'd echo the general Souls advice of going on the path of least resistance. If 2-1's a pain, try 1-2 or 3-1 and see how they go.


    Royal is considered to be a good newbie class because magic is pretty good against early enemies, and they start at level 1, allowing a bit more customization when you start statting up.

  5. Animorphs AND Rex Ronan? The awful games block isn't pulling any punches.


    14 hours ago, Merus said:

    I don't even know how you play Symphony of the Night without killing any bosses.


    If "zero bosses " is anything like "pacifism," it's by exploiting all sorts of glitches and the semantics of word definitions.

  6. FUCK, I wasn't recording gameplay when one of the best moments happened to me.


    Earnest Kreka, rough-and-tumble space assassin, achieves his personal goal of stealing the Rotanev-Benezech Object and decides to go on one last mission: liberate the Offworld Security Stronghold.


    It's messy. A quiet shotgun and subverter grenades make short work of the first few groups of guards, but eventually the alarm sounds and guards start running and teleporting in from all over. Careful applications of swapper and sidewinder allow him to evade the majority of the crew, kill the pilot, and set a collision course. At this point, however, the ship is already so close to the stronghold that there are about 10 seconds left until impact. There are no nearby airlocks or windows to make a mad dash towards. It seems to be a pyrrhic victory, except...


    Earnest has a breach grenade. It will completely destroy one room in a ship, and he's been holding on to it his entire career, just in case. He throws it, trashing a section of hallway and leaping out with one second to spare. The ship smashes into the station, liberating it. A split-second later, Earnest comes tumbling through the void into the now-friendly station, which somehow catches him and pulls him to safety. He hangs up his guns and fades into legend.


    Friends of the network Asymmetric released West of Loathing yesterday! It's a single-player wild west fantasy game replete with the stick figures and joke stylings of Kingdom of Loathing, and it's about 10 bucks right now: http://store.steampowered.com/app/597220/West_of_Loathing/


    I've had fun with the hour or so I've played thus far, and it runs great on my Win10 tablet/netbook, so it's easy to play a bit during my lunch break and bus rides.

  8. 1 hour ago, Cbirdsong said:

    You really want to savescum the challenges to get multiple kill types on a 'single' run, and planning how to best do that kinda becomes a game all in itself. 


    Yeah, I loved doing this. As long as you don't exit the mission, the game keeps track of what challenges you complete even across save loading. Spending the time to plan and set up four different kills and then rapidly executing each one from a save game was very satisfying for me.

  9. I wanted to like EYE so badly, but it is not a good game. Right off the bat its systems are completely unwieldy and opaque. Instead of a brief in-game sequence or in-menu tooltips, the tutorial is a big menu of pre-recorded videos. Videos that were made with a not-final version of the game, so some of the UI doesn't match, making it that much harder to figure out what the fuck you're trying to do. After a few hours, I got into some mission where I was just running down a long canyon for half an hour or more, trying to not die from giant enemies that took 5-10 minutes to kill. Even after popping on god mode, it was a boring slog, so I just stopped playing.

  10. So Microsoft has decided to pull Avatars out of their medically-induced coma?



    I like the sheer variety of customization on display, but the way that Avatars became almost entirely a vehicle for microtransactions makes me wonder how many $.99 purchases you'll have to make in order to actually construct yourself.

  11. 2 hours ago, BigJKO said:

    METROID FUCKING PRIME 4! That title's all we get, but fuck if it isn't exciting.


    Fuck, then. Don't know who's making it, when it's coming out, or really what it even is. Nintendo has done a pretty bad job of making Metroid games over the last 10 years, so they will have nothing but skepticism from me.


    I'm intrigued by Samus Returns because I have a lot of nostalgia for Metroid 2, but then seeing it's being made by MercurySteam tempered my expectations quite a bit. I don't need no melee counters in a Metroid game, neither.