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  1. Meet the Composer has been blowing my mind. A podcast interviewing contemporary composers and featuring their music. The host is really great too.

    I've only got like 2 interviews left though, which is making me sad:(

  2. It is really good, but i got good enough at it that it wasn't a challenge anymore. it took me 21 starts to win 20 games to unlock the new stuff after i reinstalled.

  3. Yesterday I devoured the archive of Tuner, a podcast about pop music. Each week, the hosts take a pop song and break down the music theory behind what it's doing. They do a really great job of explaining stuff in laymen's terms and also staying aware of the fact that all the meaning behind any piece of music is ultimately contingent on culture, social status and history. It's a really fantastic show.


    I'm totally going to grab that. I've been listening to Switched on Pop (seems to be on very similar lines to Tuner) and Song Exploder recently which are both great and seem, also Sodajerker on Songwriting.

  4. You should try Wiz 8 again. One of my fave games of all time!:D


    They are quite different (as Vulpes has covered a whole lot of stuff!), but have you looking into roguelikes? Something like Dungeon Crawl? The systems in many of those games interlock in magical ways.

  5. I got (very excited) a takeaway last night (chef's kid is coeliac so i trusted them) and i have lots of spicy rice left over, and some peppers for stuffing!

    My question is: What can i put in the rice to add some interest. It is right now just basically delicious spicy rice, no veg or anything. i was thinking some chopped almonds for crunch and maybe some peas?  Maybe some chickpeas for protien?

    Anyhow, i'm gonna make some yogurt sauce to go with and probs some rocket alongside.

  6. I was just playing this!

    The dragons attack when they move, every 2nd beat. Get into position beside one when it moves, then move away, then attack, then move, then attack.

    The red dragon will breath fire, so best to attack from the top or bottom. If you move left or right of him, he will breath fire in that direction on the next move. 

    The blue one fires a cone of cold on you, so ditto.


    Nothing in the game is accidentally triggered. They all have predictable patterns and reactions. Keeping them all in your head while you are keeping the beat is the hard part^^