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  1. My solution would be to not wait till rimworld is out of early access and go with it. it is pretty amazing.

    i tried Retro-pixel castles. now there is a game that you should wait till it is out of early access. it has a promising core, but needs to much work.

    For older ones, maybe look at children of the nile, or you could brach into the anno games mayhaps.

  2. Well, it is all over. RIP Colonists of Baboobaboo.


    HEre is the beginning of the end. Enraged at not being able to eat at a table, and the death of a fellow colonist, both Cool and Goldblum attacked eachother in bezerker rages. Eventually Goldblum lay dead on teh floor and Cool was subdued by her father Rich. Rich dutifully carried her to a medical bed, before himself subcomming to a bezerker rage. Cool recovered to subdue him, unfortunately entering another bezerker rage soon afterwards. Rich recovered and brought her to bed after a vicious turkey and prisoner bashing. Unfortunatly, Cool recovered only long enough to eat something and murder her own father beside the bed he had tended her. Cool then stumbled out into the open air, where she slowly died from a combination of Bruises, turkey scratches, yorkshire terrier cuts and malnutrition.


    While this was going on, the aforementioned Yokie himself went bezerk and attacked the prisoners. One died lying on a bed (not in) and the other subdied the Yorkie, before himself going on a bezerker rage where he used his 1337 melee skills to down every turkey in sight before stubling south of the base, falling down and dying.


    The beginning of the end




    Cool dying in the open while the corpse of Rich lies in the medical wing. Some raiders arrived, set things on fire and stole my uranium aslo.