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  1. I upgraded my gear like you recommended, so now i am 4/5ths lobster and i also crafted Rarity 4 dual blades and blased through my last few caravan 5 quests. Now i have to fight a sharagu magala and i'm guessing it is going to be scary. I even took down the zinorge with my Rarity 2 charge blade as i wanted to try it out. Shortly after starting the fight i realised i had no idea how to use the weapon any more and had to pause to read up on it.

  2. Is that also called your Champagne Year? Dress as the guy from Spandu Ballet, and make sure the Gold gets inserted into the party playlist at 20 minute intervals.



    (Which comes for my idea for a wear the playlist party, where you dress as a music video and your costumes inform the music playlist).

  3. Me too, so I just got a keyboard that has actually good auto correct because it pays attention to the words I use.


    Every time I type "of the" it suggests 'Necrodancer' is my next word.


    Don't ever work for a newspaper. "The man died from what the coroner described as an accidental profusion of the Necrodancer".

  4. There is a post going around Facebook of childhood memories with the tag line "I'm so glad i grew up when there was no technology". Items in the album include a gameboy, a tamogachi, many tv shows and videos, a picture of a tv, pringles and bubble wrap.