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  1. Bridge is an epic game. I used to play it in secondary school, as my school had an international level player and we formed a club around him (he played with a player from another school for competitions). Don't ever think it is a game for timid old people, it is a game for old people who have cast off all inhibitions and will stab you with their mind powers in order to win a trick. I can't wait to hear how ye got on! I was always pretty terrible at it tbh, but it was a lot of fun.

    If you guys like it you should try 45 as well, which i have always loved.


    #PhoneyClubWeakNT (That was the bidding system we used, we had to declare it before each game as it was not the bidding system used by any of the schools we played against).(it probably didn't have a hashtag 20 years ago). (obvs it means that if we opened with clubs it meant we were strong in the major suits, and we bid on NT with hands a lot weaker than most bidding systems, obvs).  

  2. USually happens on my first day joining a new church too.


    This is Marco (Marconi). He is long dead, but he was a good dog. Also, we are pretty sure he was gay and he had companion pillows.



  3. So, round 2, and this one has much leftovers so it will be the final round^^


    This one has 2 layers of a simple tomato sauce - onion, tinned tomatoes, a little bacon which was wholly unnecessary, but needed to be used to, some wine and oregano - and 1 layer of a spinach, musroom mix with some creme frais and cheese to bind it, and more wine. It was really tasty! I'm gonna be looking at getting spinach into more pasta dishes from now on!





  4. Here is the inspiration i took last night, their photographer miiiight be slightly more skilled than I!






    Edit: ya, it is something i have made before with more traditional lasagna fillings. I find the whole stacking and baking malarky a bit much, and this gets food on the table a lot quicker and in more managable portions! I use broken lasagne sheets like you would any other pasta sometimes as well, especially since there is always one or two left behind after using them.


    Edit again, here is the last lasagne I made, end of August around:



  5. I always par boil the lasagne sheets to make, even when it says not too. Looks good!

    Maybe solicit people and make up a rota. Every 2 weeks a new person puts forward a recipe, that we all then cook? Also, you want to keep this veggie? I'm fine with that, but I don't think I could handle vegan!

    I solicit me!

    Edit: how did you make your roux without butter? Maybe some cornflour or arrowroot would be been the way to go to thicken it.