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  1. Hey all, discovered the podcast during the whole downfall of 1up last winter on recommendations from SomethingAwful. It pretty much skyrocketed to my favorite gaming podcast and I'm finally registering my appreciation. It's pretty great to hear a podcast these days where PC game discussion vastly exceeds iPhone game discussion.

    Hi, I just registered too. Pretty much this ^^^^

    Personally, I spend most of my gaming time in WoW (raiding will do this to you). In the past week, I've also played Demigod, Victoria, the Cities XL beta, the Heroes of Newerth beta, Plants v Zombies, Civilization IV, The Sims 3, SimCity 4, Aerobiz Supersonic (SNES!), Rock Band 2, and the board game Power Grid IRL. The next game I will probably buy is NCAA Football 10 on Xbox 360.

    I graduated from the University of California not too long ago, and worked a bit for a game developer in nearby Emeryville. It was a great experience--got to go to some industry events in Northern California--but the pay was awful. Sadly I'm out of the industry now, but I still do a ton of nerdy stuff; I've been to every Blizzcon and the last two PAX conventions.

    I don't know how much time I'll have to peruse the forums since I already post actively on SA and on the Elitist Jerks WoW forums, as well as working full-time and taking a class on the side. We'll see!