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  1. Do you have previews of the two art pieces on offer?

    VINCENT PEREA DRAWS SPACE: A distant nebula. A craggy Marsianscape. Nothing is as picturesque as space in the springtime. Receive a high quality print, suitable for framing from Vincent Perea, the artist behind The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, Where's My Water?, and more.

    GRAHAM ANNABLE'S SHITTY WIZARD: High quality set of four small frameable prints of a shitty wizard (see Idle Thumbs episode 50) from Graham Annable, the artist behind Grickle, Puzzle Agent, and more.

  2. We were thinking about doing an informal get together in our hotel bar but night / other info TBD.

    If we do something it will definitely be less organized than the (already disorganized) Thumbs PAX meet-ups of past. Follow the @idlethumbs twitter feed probably, in case anything informal happens.


  3. Kill Screen is very good. Also, Jamin is a super nice guy who's a lot of fun to talk to.

    The writing-about-games scene here in the New York area may not be that big, but it's a cool group, and fun things happen when you get a bunch of us in one place.

    How does Kill Screen compare to Edge? I've got the impression that the latter is like the New Yorker of gaming journalism.

  4. I'm not a fan of Day[9] so far, he just rubs me the wrong way. Has a perma-smile on his face, fills dead air with crap like "mmm this coffee is so good". And to advanced players, his long analysis of the games might be interesting, but it's just more of what I don't like about him. Also, I'm not a fan of ustream. TBH, there's no point using it unless you're a heavily chat focused show or covering up to the minute events. If you're just talking over a replay, you should just load it up on youtube and get a higher quality video.

    I can definitely see why his casts wouldn't please everyone, but I personally find his energy infectious. For me, Starcraft can be a source of real anxiety and stress IRL, so I actually enjoy the levity he brings to his 'cast. Personally I find his dumb jokes to be pretty funny--he has some dumb 'cast memes just like a certain other The Idle Thumbs Podcast :tup:

    I agree that the website he uses--Livestream--is kind of bad, but hey, that company is hosting 1hr casts at the price of like two ads. It's really not that bad of a deal for subpar usability.


    Yea fuck that guy for being happy and enjoying doing his show! What a dick! I agree with Bury though about how awesome it would be to have him on an episode of The Idle Thumbs, but I don't think those guys ever do skype guests do they? That would probably be the only way it would be feasable

    I believe Day9 is currently getting his masters in video games from University of Southern California. I'm sure he could find a way to visit SF for a con/interview/daytrip.

  5. If someone ends up downloading/playing this "Video game", I'd be interested to see what you think about it.

    I'm mildly intrigued but not enough to give them my personal info.

  6. So, I guess you could lump in the games from the other 40+ studios they bought out over the past 25 years all as EA made games but then by that standard you could make any argument about EA's game quality ever with that amount of different developers and studios under one hat.

    Huh, nobody is making this argument.

    I guess you're right that publishing games is not "making games" per se but it's pretty reasonable to say that EA is makingpublishing some pretty good games now.

  7. Check out some of Day 9's stuff on team liquid and ustream, he's a good broadcaster and gives a lot of good info out without being elitist and obtuse with his verbage

    I would love it if you guys brought Sean Plott onto The Idle Thumbs Podcast. I bet he'd be willing--he's always trying to spread the word about his show. I believe he is a grad student at the same USC program that produced Flower last year, too.

  8. "The Percentage of any sort of discreetly named publishing unit...EA Partners has an extremely high rate of success for me personally in terms of my interests."

    -Chris Remo-

    Hm, do you have a list of recent EA and EA Partners games handy? Sadly Wikipedia is not delivering.

    A guy on another forum I frequent just made a "EA makes shit games" post and it's very important that I prove this person wrong on the Internet.

  9. Dominion exists as a (sort of) video game on the German website BrettspielWelt. www.brettspielwelt.de

    I wrote up a quick and dirty guide on another forum:

    It's possible to play Dominion online [so]at work[/so] through the German website BrettspielWelt. Quick and dirty guide on getting started:

    • Download/install the client
    • Start up client
    • type /sound off
    • there are a few game icons on the left. click more >> and choose Dominion
    • double click an empty table. empty tables have no usernames to the right of "Dominion", while tables with players will have gender icons + usernames.
    • a game menu should pop up. click join
    • make any changes you'd like.
      -to choose a pre-determined set, click the arrow to the left of "set" to cycle through some predetermined sets.
      -to choose a random set, click the arrow to the left of "randomset" to cycle through some of the pools of cards that you can random from
      -you cannot cherry-pick specific cards. not all cards are included. no seaside cards are implemented, and a small number of intrigue cards are in.
      when you have chosen something you're happy with, click the box to the left of the arrow.
    • if you are okay with the set, wait for someone to say in chat "darf ich?" or "may I join?" respond "yes."
    • click start

    I do not recommend this website to Dominion beginners.

  10. This is a personal mini-rant, but there was a weird ad along the freeway for some kind of energy drink that advertised to Cal fans. It broke my brain a little bit.

    it said, with no punctuation whatsoever:

    the power to fuel your go bears

    It drove me crazy, and I somehow couldn't put information in my brain together correctly to make sense of it. I spent some time trying to figure out what a go-bear was. :(

    Unrelated to everything. Sorry... :getmecoat

    it makes sense to me :colbert:

    (and now I am thirsty)


    I think I'm the guy who you guys mentioned from Blizzcon at 1:04:45 as the guy who introduced himself as "video games" and at 1:05:29 as "the one guy who kept pointing out our inadequecy in basically doing everything thumbs related"

    I didn't realize I came off as that pedantic :( I just suggested all of those things (and plugged Idle Thumbs to everyone who walked by) because I believe in you guys! :) I've got nothing but love for Idle Thumbs and want to share the goodness with the world.

    Anyways, I'll be around at PAX--may I suggest meeting up after the "Make a Scene with Telltale" panel ends on Sat at 5p? We can go for a drink at the Taphouse nearby or just meet up around the con. This will give me some time to catch the live Giantbomb podcast at 7p, and Nick Breckon can catch the 7:30p UI panel because I heard he is totally to blame for the awful Monkey Island 2 UI*.


    Your wannabe Podcast Manager

    *Yes I know Jake is the one that works for Telltale, this is a reference to some stupid joke on a past Thumbs episode. But really Nick, why don't you just make a better podcast????

  12. I'm going to PAX.

    I met Chris and Nick over the weekend at Blizzcon, at apparently the world-first Idle Thumbs fan meetup.

    four dudes, including them and me

    Perhaps we can heckle Garnett Lee at Listen UP Live, or plug Idle Thumbs at the live Giant Bomb Cast?

    (Or we can just get a beer on Saturday)

  13. I loved, loved, loved the "digression" on Civilization IV. I thought I was the only one who got surprise ambushed by Civ4 every few months :) You guys covered a few issues that I've had with the game too...playing on noble and not winning, mulliganing the initial draw, being in the middle of the pack, kissing up to the dominant power, resisting the temptation (or not) to save-reload, and why the game is more "historically plausible" than Empire:Total War.