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  1. What the hell happened at the end? He talks about balance and consequences... Did he kill himself to save his love? The game makes it look like he's at least trapped in the darkness forever. If so, where is all this DLC coming from?

    The DLC

    takes place in the Dark Place.

    It's pretty goddamn awesome.

  2. On a more serious note: I actually read through an interview of Levine by Remo on Gamasutra last night, where they discussed Bioshock in full, spoiler glory. Fantastic interview - unlike any I've ever read, I think. Instead of 'Uh, your game is so awesome, how awesome is your game?' it sounded like two seriously clever guys discussing video games. Just great stuff.

    Just browsed the Gamasutra newsletter and didn't see it. Can you post up a link? (Hilarious phone interview scenario, by the way.) :tup:

  3. I like that it has a Steampunk-esque biomechanical heart. Also, after hearing what Ken Levine had to say about Infinite, I am infinitely psyched. The fast-paced zip line gameplay sounds totally rad.

    How come there's a Rapture in an aquarium when this is 50 years before Rapture?

    The city in the aquarium wasn't Rapture. It was Chicago in 1893 during the World's Fair. The "Big Daddy" is just a model of a dude in a bathysphere suit. I think the fact that he has a drill-arm thing is a reference to BioShock, which did nothing more than serve the purpose of fooling the audience into thinking Infinite would again take place in the city of Rapture. I could be way off, but that's what I gathered from it.

    Back into Samuel L. Jackson's drill-arm thing.


  4. Just the thought of running around Gotham City as Batman using Rocksteady's already tremendously solid engine from Batman: Arkham Asylum makes the nipples on my batsuit hard. Also, Catwoman and Two-Face. 'Nuff said.

  5. Okay, I've played Portal more times than I can count, but on my most recent playthrough (last night) I just discovered that you can flush the toilet in the very first room.

    The toilet says: "Your feces is appreciated."

    I haven't laughed this hard in a while.

  6. What's amazing is, if you remove the wizard hat, this photo remains incredibly disturbing.

    Jogging stroller with no infant and heavens, why is he counting so much cash?

    He must be part of the maintenance staff. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to park his stolen baby stroller thing there. This makes me wonder... where the hell is this place, and why would they hire this obviously disgruntled ex-wizard possible baby-raper?!