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  1. The first time I played I made it 24 stairs and nothing happened. I got a little creeped out and shut it off. Came back a few hours later, made it 57 flights and saw the ending, it's pretty cool.

    I like experimental games like this, especially experimental horror games.

  2. I've played the demo on PS3, 360, and finally today I gave the PC version a shot. The best (and smoothest) experience was by far the PC version. For some reason both console versions just seem jittery and unpolished.

  3. I also presume that it's just sarcasm, joking about the original mod. However, if it's not sarcasm, he's completely missing the point of the game. The point of Dear Esther isn't to have "fun", it's all about immersive atmosphere and piecing together a very enigmatic narrative from the dialogue pieces you are given and environmental clues you are shown. If jumping broke the timing of the dialogue and no fix could be found in time for release, then I don't see a problem since the dialogue is way more important to the core concept of the game than the player's ability to jump. A slow walk is the best way to experience it, in my opinion.

  4. Pretty much a resounding fuck yes. I love the art style of the game, the ink blotches are a nice touch and like they said, evocative of the style of the books. Can't wait to see what Jake and Sean come up with in terms of the script, sounds very very promising.

  5. From what I've heard the PSVita doesn't do PSOne games, but it should be fixed in an update?

    From what I've heard they expect you to re-purchase PSOne games rather than just re-download them from your PlayStation Store download list, but that's an unfounded rumor. We'll have to wait and see.

  6. Same! The reason I'm excited for the PC version so much is the mere possibility that there will be some sort of editing/modding package available, whether official Remedy tools or fan-made. I had a blast modding Max Payne and Max Payne 2.

  7. I felt it was time to reignite this flame, since the announcement of the PC version and Alan Wake's American Nightmare coming to XBLA this year. I'm replaying the game and the two DLC episodes in preparation! Anyone else psyched for the long-awaited PC release?

  8. Ummm... okay, this sort of feels like walking into a bar to order a drink but before you do, some dude smashes through the front window and lands at your feet. Fuck it, I'm ordering anyhow.

    I just finished Back to the Future: Episodes 1-4, and I'm about to start Episode 5. Telltale really went to great lengths to make sure this felt like a genuine BTTF experience, and so far it shines. There's even a few subtle Star Wars references and other fun stuff to discover. Recommended!

  9. Picked it up yesterday, should have some time later this week to play it. It's fighting for priority with Alice: Madness Returns at the moment. I'm a huge Akira Yamaoka (and I adore Grasshopper and Suda51) fan so that was the main selling point for me. Also this little excerpt from the game manual:

    Set up traps for your enemies by using Hot Boner payloads. Attach them to the ground in front of a group and then explode the payload.