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  1. Spelunky!

    Hey friends! So, who's been playing Spelunky? Do you have any stories? Need any advice? I think you should ALL play this game, because quite frankly, it's absolutely outstanding. You can download it here: Please, please download it. I apologise for my lack of a real thread and content, I am exceptionally giddy as I have FINALLY beat Spelunky. I have never had a gaming achievement feel so good.
  2. Has anyone played this, or is playing this? It's a crazy roguelike fort simulator with the potential for some of the fucking craziest scenarios I have ever seen in a game. I can't explain much really, but I CAN give some insight into some of my own personal adventures. If you go here, you can see what happened to my most recent settlers. Would you like to give this hellish ride a whirl? Please, by all means:
  3. Spelunky!

    I am very pleased that almost 4 years on, this thread is still ongoing
  4. Hello friends! This is essentially a repost of a thread I made over on Giantbomb, as I know a lot of people on here share some insight into the inner workings of Linu/Android. Here goes: I'll try to break this down into the simplest terms possible, because I'm not entirely sure what happened myself. Last week, I picked up this tablet from a friend who was selling it for an absolute song. It could dual boot into either a windows 7 partition, or some kind of android OS, I presume some kind of linux based thing. The devide is unfortunately plagued with some low ass hard drive space issues, so I spent some time trying to get some stuff downloaded so I could...use it properly. As I was cleaning out some hard drive space, I accidentally caused a bit of a fuck up, and I THINK I deleted the android partition. My original intent was to get rid of that, and use it wholly as a windows 7 tablet, but I fucked up, admittedly, and ended up clearing out the partition wrong. My plan was to remove the android part, freeing up that 2gb for use on the windows partition, but I believe I did it wrong. From what I've gathered from very underwhelming google results is delete some kind of GRUB boot order, which is throwing up an "Error 17" anytime the device tries to boot itself from the hard drive, as it can't find out how to boot anymore, or the order I believe? So, as it stands, it's a bit of a brick, as it stands, which is obviously upsetting. When I turn it on, it tries to boot, and just goes to a black screen that says "Error 17". The device has no CD drive, but more than one USB slot with which to utilise. If anyone could shed light as to what I've done, and offer advice on how to fix it, I would be eternally grateful. I'm honestly at my wits end already. It's such an elusive error message that I feel very lost, already!
  5. And I suppose this could apply as a catch 22 "What game is this" thread. All I remember, was that it was a PC game that I played in the late 90s. I believe it was a point and click adventure game (Not sure if it was 2d, I remember some sort of 3d), and it was some sort of christmassy game, there was a lot of...reindeer NPCs and I think you walk in on a female one in the shower. I can't stop thinking about it, help me out thumbs!
  6. Greetings. Has anyone else been playing/played this through recently? To put it into context, it's a new game that's recently launched on the Nintendo DS, and it's a point and click...visual novel...mystery...thriller...thing. It's very reminiscent to Hotel Dusk, if anyone played that. What I can say however, is how highly I recommend the game. It's a very brooding, dark tale which draws parallels to the "Saw" franchise, except it's not terrible. It tells the story of 9 people who were captured and put on a ship, and have to find their way out by solving puzzles (Isn't that always how it is?). While the gameplay may be somewhat transparent, mainly consisting of Phoenix Wright style "Evidence hunt" sections, where you're doing the classic point and click "Find items to combine with other items", and Layton-esque number puzzles/perception shifting puzzles, the games strength is on its relatively dynamic story telling. Essentially, there purpose is to find the door with the number "9" on it (The numbers 1-9 play a central role in the game, it's to do with numericals and digital roots of numbers, pretty intuitive). The game plays a lot like a choose your own adventure book, asking you to pick which door you want to go in, who you want to go with (Down to some pretty defined selections, but still...) and other things like that. I'd definitely recommend that if you're a fan of point and clicks, visual novels, good story, atmosphere/character development, you should really give this a look into! Oh also, there's several endings in the game, and I've played through it...4 times in as many days now. There's a really lovely option when you beat the game which lets you clearsave, and when you start the game again through that, you "Continue with your memories", making it very clear which options you previously picked, so you can explore all of the dialogue /endings/ character developments, and expediates this by allowing you to race through previously seen dialogue. A nice little touch. So far, I've ended the game with (Very heavy story spoilers):
  7. So, Dwarf Fortress aims to become a 'fantasy realm simulator', but it's not quite there yet. In its current stage, you can manage a single colony of dwarves and guide them either to riches or their demise. The simulation aspect of it is pretty deep; each dwarf will have their own unique personality quirks, appearances, skills, etc. Dwarf Fortress has a bit of a reputation as being hard to get into, and given the game's default look, it's not hard to see why. While the base game is completely in ASCII, there are mods (like Mike Mayday's ) which make it a bit easier on the eyes. So, would any of you be interested in a succession fort? What that is basically, is we get 4/5 of us, play it for 6 months/1 year game time (Can decide if we get people), do a thorough writeup, and pass it onto the next person For an example, see Boatmurdered here Would anyone be interested in this perhaps? Players of all skill are welcomed and encouraged! Having an experienced player pass it on to a new player is also fun, as reading about how they manage, or don't, is often hilarious! There's a lovely robust and indepth guide here should it interest you somewhat Would love to get this kind of thing underway. Thoughts?
  8. I liked the cast a lot, and I've been a massive fan for a long time. But I really wish you guys would stop making poop noises when you feel like you've ran a topic aground. It's a bit silly.
  9. Far Cry 3

    Yeah, it's more of a "Oh gosh, a dead body, everyone on high alarm I guess!"
  10. Far Cry 3

    Allow me to elucidate upon my time with Farcry 3 with an anecdote. It is a bit "Grenade rolled down a hill" like...but what good thumbs community story isn't? I was planning to hit an enemy base because it provided a good foothold for some future endeavors. I had a silenced sniper rifle, and a standard SMG incase things got a bit hairy, which I was hoping they wouldn't do. After an exhaustive search of the perimeter, I was happy that I had tagged the entire base. (Think of tagging as planting a big old skull over the enemy heads so you can be aware of their location at all times). I snuck in and knifed the first guy, dragging his corpse away and revelling in my success as a super bad ass stealth murderer. After a few more choice knifes and sniper kills, I could see the ranks of guards being easily whittled down. After shutting down the alarms, I forsaw it to be an easy victory. Little to my knowledge, the eco system within the game decided it was not to be this way. As I was approaching a guy,out of nowhere, I saw a tiger full on BOOK IT towards him, pouncing upon him and killing him in one hit. I was so shocked and flabbergasted by this tiger appearing that I turned tail and absolutely legged it one. The tiger then, weirdly enough, turned around and went off on his own business. I guess the tiger had it out for that one guy, right? Due to this, a patrolling guard found the corpse of the tiger mauled man, and everything went a little bit tits up. A passing convoy full of guards came, and started trying to flush me out, even though it was totally that tiger that did everything! 5 minutes later, I killed the enemy commander, took his keys, and went about my life. I was running, mind you, from an absolute hail of bullets as they opened up on me as I was trying to run to glorious safety (I'd ran out of bullets by this time). Thinking to myself "Oh I'll do a totally sweet escape manoveur", I ran and lept into the water, under the assumption that I would get the cover of water to protect me. I landed in the water, and a crocodile ate me as soon as I hit it, killing me instantly. I breathed out, and took my hands off the keyboard. You should play Far Cry 3
  11. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    I quit playing Rayman Origins at the last level because it was overly long, unfair, and super unintuitive. I youtubed the ending and thought I'd got my moneys worth for £10. It's weird how the curve of fun on that game lowers over time...
  12. The Legend of Zelda

    "If you have played video games before, select YES to remove tedious bullshit"
  13. The Legend of Zelda

    If by 3 hours you mean, like 10, and they're all kinda shitty because WMP is...kind of BAD, then yeah, I guess.

    Already donated. God speed
  15. Hi everyone. I work at a supermarket in the UK, Morrisons, and I'm trying to find out some stuff before I go to my manager with it. Does anyone know what the laws are, if there are any, as to giving food away? The problem is, at the end of the night, we have SO MUCH STUFF leftover that just simply gets thrown away. I'm talking about giant bins FULL of bread, meat, yogurts, and all sorts of other shit. With the amount of people starving/homeless out there, it seems incredibly wasteful. I think it'd be a sterling idea if at the end of the night, charities could come at the end of the night, and pick up a load of stuff for people who desperately need it. But I'm not sure how the laws prevent this, if they do. I'm aware that they could be held liable if the food goes bad, but it seems so stupid to have all this food thrown away at the end of the night. Does anyone have any ideas? I'd love to go to my boss with an actual proper proposal, so this food wouldn't just get wasted.
  16. Laws in giving away food in the UK?

    I've thought abuot contacting the Salvation Army and seeing if they can get someone to come down 5 minutes before we leave and pick up all the cheap leftovers. Full loaves of bread for 9p. HUNDREDS OF THEM
  17. Dawn of War 2

    Is anyone actively playing this at the moment? I just picked up a new laptop and as such, I've been playing a bit of DOW2, and after hearing the PC gamer UK podcast, heard the "Last Stand" mode is meant to be bombass. Any players interested? I've not played yet, so i'll probably blow, but hey, video games!! SteamID: Fallen189 GFWL: Mako Eyes 189
  18. Post your face!

    We had a little explore
  19. Tabletop RPGs

    Yeah sure. Let me know how you feel about that shit in the PM when you get a chance too, I'd love to get my dwarf man ready!
  20. Tabletop RPGs

    Just going over things via PM with Dan at the moment, as to how we want Dwarves to work. I have a char sheet here also, is there an easy way to import it?
  21. Tabletop RPGs

    Sorry guys, was busy graduating and stuff. Spoke to Dan over a PM, so I'll receive details from him soon! Sorry again for delaying so much
  22. What is the Mystery of Scoggins?

    He's a perpetual moaner, he will never be happy
  23. Recently completed video games

    I didn't "beat it", but I played Dance Central last night at my buddys house, embarassing myself totally. I think that game is one of those "You either get it, or you don't" type of things. I didn't I've also lately been playing Devil Survivor for the DS. It's a very polarizing game. I'll write up properly when I beat it, but it jumps between being serviceable, then an enemy will do 900 damage to your thing with 600 HP, and having incredibly "convenient" foresight into your attacks I guess my girlfriend and I finished our Persona 4 "co-op" game earlier too. She does the story stuff, I do the dungeons/fights/fusions etc. Great fun : Now I'm back home after finishing Uni, I expect to make it through games much faster. That's the plan, anyway
  24. Life

    I just picked up my thesis and got a 63 on it, which is great. Huzzah! Back to the ladder as zerg:getmecoat