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  1. I tend to only stop and pause if something majorly dramatic has happened, say, if a character has been killed, or something has been revealed. If the book is really good it's often because I'm so shocked and I need a moment to mull over their death. If it's something I'm particularly into I stop and sort of "mourn" the death of the character for a couple of minutes. However, if it's something I'm not particularly enjoying it'll probably be a similar case as to what electricblue described.

    I rarely find myself thinking about the book outside of when I'm actually reading the book, nor do I stop to think during a reading session. Whenever I read a book I get an overwhelming sense of urgency to just continue reading until I've had enough, and I think that stopping during reading would give me a nagging feeling of "you could have been reading more instead of wasting your time!"

  2. I'm not sure why but I didn't feel as depressed about Mother Night as the other two books I've read. I think it was because Campbell (the protagonist) seems far more realistic and human than the other protagonists, and I ended up not feeling sorry for him because he seemed so fleshed out whereas the other protagonists seemed pretty doomed from the start and their fates seem more engineered. Campbell knew what he was getting into and he chose to carry it out; because he's more heroic I felt less inclined to pity him and more inclined to respect him. Unlike, say, Kilgore Trout who is just a complete whacko from the outset and we're told that's pretty much all he will amount to.

  3. Has anyone else read this? I really, really enjoyed it. In fact I think it was my favourite Vonnegut book I've read so far. That being said I've only read Slaughterhouse V and Breakfast of Champions so far. I do actually intend to read his entire fictional works so that could very easily change.

    I think I liked the fact that this one was a bit more grounded and not quite as zany as the others I've read. Don't get me wrong, I really like the oddity of the other two I've read, but it was a nice change in style and quite refreshing. Are the rest of works as grounded? Or will we I be zipping across time and space and watching Vonnegut get personally involved in his stories again? I don't mind either way I'd just like to know.

    I also had no idea what the novel was about until I started reading it so I liked the fact it had so many twists and turns, and it genuinely had me guessing as to what would be revealed next. It also hit on a lot of other themes which intrigue me in general, like the reasoning behind human behaviour and emotional responses, and how we are constantly attempting to define and categorise nations and races by their historical actions rather than viewing the people of those nations as actual humans who lived through these tragedies.

    Anyone else enjoy this novel? Or hate it?

  4. I definitely go for the 1 book at a time approach. I like the sense of completion after you finish the final few sentences of a book. And I feel like that would be difficult to get when I've got several books on the go.

    If I had the mental capacity to do so I'd probably read a few at a time, but like Kroms said I feel I need to give 1 book a heap of attention to fully enjoy it.

  5. I can't really tell if we're in the same vein anymore as my gf is asleep and I'm using her laptop, so that means her laptop is on mute. Therefore making it impossible to recognise which vein (of the many opened up in this thread) we're in.

    Anywho-zzle I thought I'd share my all-time (joined with Foo Fighters - Everlong) song by Blue October:

    Forgive me for the FMV, I just wanted to link a good quality sounding video + some of the live videos are utterly shitty quality. These guys are a rock/classical/emo band, without the screaming shite found in most "emo" bands. Also forgive me for the overly-lengthy post and if someone has linked these guys before

    Just a little side note, it's surprising how many people haven't heard of Blue October. For example when I went to see them in Manchester (roughly 3 hours from my home city of Newcastle) there was roughly 500-600 people there, now I was astonished at that. Imo they are one of the most underated bands in existence.

  6. I think Sony have pretty much packed their shit up and left, I would do after that incredible show. Enough 360 fanboyism from me though.

    Can anyone answer something for me: Was Steven Speilberg pretty much on to say congratulations to Microsoft for making a new product, coz that what it seemed like to me? I know it might have been demonstrating that anyone can play with the new tech.. but surely they could have gotten someone less expensive.

  7. I'd love to play the new DLC for GTAIV however I lost my GTAIV disc recently in a purging of games from my room. I managed to remove all my PS2 games and Xbox games.. but I think I accidentally placed it in the box along with them all.

    I think it's a bit strange to have a full-on TV advertisement for DLC, but what the hell they've probably got the money to do it.

    Oh and also in true Idle Thumbs fashion I thought I'd seg with the ultimate seg:

    I apologize if people have seen it a million times (or it's been posted already), it just reminded me of this site as soon as I heard seg.

  8. The last game I played for the PC was WoW, levelling my Pala back up. :P

    The last console game I played was urmmm *turns on 360 and checks disk tray* was apparently Ninja Gaiden 2.. although mysteriously Ross Noble's Randomist was in my disk tray. :S

  9. First post (gratz to me)

    Totally offtopic to with regards to the above posters and sorry for destroying any flow of conversation.

    Anywho... I rather enjoyed this game because I had my most hilarious game bug/mishap ever with this game.

    During (spoiler):

    The simulation mission I chose the good path to send in the Chinese army virus thing. They quickly murdered the whole street and then for some reason each and everyone of them began bobbing up and down in a tea-bagging motion.

    Did anyone else experience this or was it intended to happen for a laugh?