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  1. Yeh I've found the ticket booth. It's indestructible, and blocks the grenade blasts. You just need to try and keep the guys down who face the doorway so one doesn't land in it. The chopper arrives and they say you have 30 seconds. I made a dash for it, but perhaps at this point the enemies stop respawning. Perhaps 15 seconds of sniping would be well invested. Cheers though, at least you've given me will to try it again.

  2. What level did you guys play it on? In the training mission, the game suggested I play on 'Hardened' - I'm at the chernobyl bit, by the ferris wheel. I tried for an hour to get past the section where you just need to hang on until the chinook arrives to take you away. I made it there once, picked up price, then died in a hail of bullets from 97 enemies. Is there anything you can do to trigger fewer enemies to spawn? I had to go outside and fly my kite so I didn't chuck the controller through the telly in frustration. Then the wind was too strong and I got dragged around the field - but at least it was fun :)

  3. I've been steering clear of all the Assassin's Creed hype, watched a few movies, yeh, but not really been concentrating on it. This afternoon I learn it is out in 2 days!

    Just read a few reviews, watched the HD release trailer, reviewers are saying it's nearly as good as it is supposed to be.

    General consensus: control system is brilliant, fighting could be tedious unless you learn the nuances, the intelligence gathering for each hit is a little samey, overall bliimin' good fun. Shall be purchasing on friday. :woohoo:

  4. I managed to get myself healed as a spy by an opposing team's medic the other night. 'Twas a right giggle. Then he twigged, and brought a nearby pyro down on me. RIP. :E

    If anybody likes a friendly game, I'd like to invite you to a gaming community's server that, in the evening GMT at least, is usually busy.

    The community is [], which arose from the ashes of Blueyondergmaing, which in turn arose from the ashes of the old wireplay.

    I'm currently campaigning to get 2Fort taken out of the rotation. Why? Because it is awful.