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  1. Oh my life!. Spy Party beta invite has just arrived! So at the moment, most of my gaming time is being taken up with DayZ (in alpha) and I presume this when I install it later. :partyhat:

  2. I had an Audi 80 sport back when I was a student that we called 'The Bismark' - because she got in so many scrapes, accidents and crashes and she never died. I got road raged by a drunk motorway maintenance guy (he pulled in front of me on an empty motorway and braked hard. I rear ended him @ 50, new bonnet, 80 quid)), T-boned by a fiesta at a junction (entirely my fault, fiesta was a write off, cost me about 50 quid), bonnet flip @ 70 on a B-road coming back from Glasto, an encounter with a roundabout at night, v.tired, at about 40, bent front wishbone (280 quid)... etc. Sold her in the end to an enthusiast. Was a sad day.

  3. I know there are a few on here.

    We're planning on coming over to the states in January, hopefully for a month, landing at SF and driving to Tampa, potentially Miami, depending on how we feel. From sea to shining sea, so to speak - but this ain't no Cannonball.

    Anyway - what are the temps like in Jan in SF? Are they ok? Or are they quite low? The intertubes say that it can go as low as 5 degrees C (~40 F). Does it usually get down that low? Or is the average a little better?

    Thanks :)

  4. I'm a bit late on this, but as the topic is extremely free-wheeling it should be okay:

    I'd just like to stand up and be counted as someone who has one night stands and NSA sex (by which I assume we mean fuck-buddies), motivated not by insecurity or social pressure but by the fact that it's enjoyable, and knows plenty of women who do too. If it's done in an honest, healthy and safe (as far as is reasonable) way, it can be an amazing, positive and wholesome experience, and I count some of my one night stands among my fondest memories.

    Tart. :grin:

  5. I read somewhere that in Soviet Russia as universities were coeded in the initial liberal wave, women went into medicine in disproportionate numbers to men. After a couple of generations, medicine did become a primarily female domain—degrading its value in society. Eventually tractor drivers' (generally a male domain) trumped doctor's salaries. Arbiters of value and worth in societies tend to be those in charge, so dudes.

    Interesting. Do you think this is why politicians are so resistant to gender equality in their profession?

  6. Applied for an App Sec job at Twitter, under encouragement from one of their sec guys. All the app sec jobs seem to be in SF, CA. Relocation came up. Don't think it will go any further tbh, but worth a punt :)

  7. To bring it back a little, interesting tweet from @bengoldacre:

    Medicine isn't male dominated' date=' quite the opposite. Some say this is why its status is falling, like teaching did as it became female #bbctw[/quote']

    With him wanting to make the point that society is sexist. Terrible to think that that is why society respects an entire profession less. That is extremely damning.

  8. Last word on the mail, promise. They also seem to have a fairly frightening propensity to print pics of very young girls in bikinis. Then have the temerity to campaign about sexualising young girls. Cnuts.

    Anyway, sorry for sidelining the main topic.

  9. Yeh, Kugu and Failheap are usually good reads too. But I've kinda lost the taste for it a little. Still, signed up with a new corp, will see what that brings.

  10. A couple of christmasses ago, my (then) g/f, parents and friends clubbed together to get me the giant Millenium Falcon. It was ace. Took about 70 hours in all to build I estimated - was deconstructed to move house. Still in its box until we have room.

    That biplane looks pretty mint too! Nice colours on it.

    While in Japan, we chanced upon Nanoblocks. Lego, but tiny wee. I chose a [img=]Macaw[/img] from the mini-series, and very nice he is too! They do all sorts of cool sets, from Easter Island Statues, to the Eiffel tower, to satellites and battleships.

  11. The toilet that is xbox live stopped me playing on it long ago. When I first got live, in 2006, it was merely the latest form of the online MP drug that I'd first sampled in 2000 on PC with Q3 and CS. It didn't take long for me to stop enjoying it as much and eventually just stop altogether - purely because of the inter-player communication. The UK gov't, in an effort to combat online bullying, is suggesting a form of 'REALID' that Blizzard uses, and in a way I agree with it. However, due to the way that the UK gov't comports itself with any matters of online ID, tracking, log-keeping rules, (or indeed pretty much anything of late) I simply don't trust them to not balls it up and reduce everyone's freedoms as much as they possibly can.

    Er... OT, sorry.

  12. Talking to a friend, he's hitting ACt 2 Inferno. It seems that the latest patch is basically designed around making you use the RMAH to progress. The in-game gold AH doesn't have the gear that you will need to make a dent in those bad guys. I've cooled on it anyway, as I simply couldn't face ACt 1 for the (what feels like) the 9th time.

  13. I think it's fair to say that if you're holding yourself to such high standards, and trying to purge such reactions, that it's a bit harsh to call yourself racist.

    Well, thanks for the vote of confidence :tup: - but I can hardly claim to be 'non-prejudiced' if prejudices leap to mind automatically!

  14. Interesting - I've repeatedly told Asian (indian) friends that I am a racist. They insist that I'm not, due to a lack of any overt NF white power kind of behaviour I assume, but I know in myself, sometimes when I see a different skin colour, a thought may pop into my head (guard your valuables! for example). It makes me uncomfortable that my mind is capable of that, and makes me question if I am actually as non-racist as I think I am. I usually try to get over it by resolving not to next time, should it ever occur. This never occurs with regards to females, however - perhaps I have successfully purged that, or I never had it in the first place, generally having grown up around a strong woman (my mother) and being married to one.