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  1. As regards the extradition, I don't think they *have* to have a reason as such. The Swedes and the US apparently have a bi-lateral agreement whereby they can send someone to either country if he is deemed to have broken laws in both countries. Whether it has to be the same law is a point I'm a bit hazy on. I suspect not, as he hasn't (allegedly) raped anyone in the US, or been party to any stolen Swedish intelligence.

    The whole think stinks, if I'm honest.

  2. It was (is) all very unusual. Way back when, when the accusations first came to light, I think they'd've had a case. They then dropped the charges. Then they re-instated them. To those without the inside knowledge, it looked like that the Swede had bowed to US gov't pressure as a way to get their grubby mitts on him to lock him up and throw away the key.

    Then all the big payment companies removed his (WL) accounts and froze what money was currently in them. Another unusual twist.

    It's very hard for the average person with a passing interest in this case to not think that there is a concerted effort to burn him because of the sensitive nature of the docs released.

    The Manning case in the states is proceeding unusually too. The US Gov't is trying to screw him totally, and not allowing his defence to see documents that are pertinent to the case. The whole Manning issue is again strange - he was due to be (dishonourably) discharged, was a week or so away from it (in a special camp full of dishonourably discharged soldiers that were also awaiting their papers), and then was recalled to active service that by all accounts he was totally not suitable for - mental state and so on and so forth.

    We don't know the full story, but from a layman's perspective, it's coming from a position of acute embarrassment from the US Gov't. Occam's razor suggests that the simplest reason is often the pertinent one. Potentially this means a long succession of large cock-ups on behalf of the US military that led to him simply downloading all those files and sending them to WL.

    Adrian Lamo hasn't necessarily covered himself in glory either, revealing himself to be a snake in the grass of the highest order (my opinion). From a personal viewpoint, that fact that he and Jacob Applebaum (who's outlook I respect) hold fundamentally opposing views also means that he is a guy who is only out for himself.

  3. Looking around (as thinking of going there), there are plenty of hostels in SF for short-term staying, that seem to be a reasonable price (~$60) in reasonable areas.

  4. Honey bees aren't actually that aggressive. They die if they sting you, so it's a last resort. Wasps, on the other hand, are little bastards. Especially when drunk on rotten apples :(

  5. Have booked onto a Bee-Keeping taster course. Been thinking about getting a hive for a year or two; quite looking forward to producing my own honey.

  6. Shropshire is a confusing place. Not many people know it well, it's 90% rural, no cities, and with a fairly small population. Yet out of this county came Mr Darby, the world's first Iron Bridge, and the world's first skyscraper. It has the only stone circle in the country similar to Stonehenge (often thought to be a 'prototype' for the main 'Henge) and countless other treasures.

    Was also forced to change it's name from 'Salop' as integration with Europe beckoned.

    Back to the Olympics, I was very afraid for the opening ceremony. Very worried indeed that we were going to become a global laughing stock. Luckily, it was actually pretty good.

    Not too bothered about the rest of it though.

  7. I've watched 20 mins so far, and it does banish cynicism very well. Even Brooker thought it was good!

    Elmuerte - it's avail on iPlayer if you proxy it up.

  8. Nah, not quite up to that level yet! Bought it fully built. Starting to do bits and pieces on it - replaced thermostat (and attendant fluids), fuel rail, an injector, oil, oil pump belt, brake pads & discs (plus fluid) - that's about my limit at the moment. Getting more confident with it though.

  9. Check out the book that the film 'The Goon' is based on. Nearly bought it, but couldn't find a decently priced copy in the UK. All the reviews say that it's great!

  10. It's similar to a Caterham, made by a company called Westfiled. They are both based on the 'Lotus 7' platform which is no longer made, but Westfields are cheaper than Caterhams. Caterham is the 'top-end' marque. I couldn't afford even a half-decent second-hand Caterham. Westfields are more of a budget option :)

    You're not the only one to call it 'ridiculous'! Cant' think why...

  11. The peeps on pistonheads go on about them constantly. The chassis balance combined with the RWD makes them a clear favourite amongst most petrol heads. I guess they might be more popular over here in Europe 'cos of the roads being (in general) a lot more twisty.

    Miffy - I really like the low down aspect of my Westie. I'm 6'1" - it can be a bit scary when you pull up to a roundabout and my eye level is *below* the level of a Corsa door handle, but in general the driving position gives you a lot of confidence in the handling.