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  1. Heh. Sounds almost like a cop show. How about a storyboard about the children thing and then do the whole angry crim coming round to do the creator. You know, make it meta.

    In reality, probably best to say you're busy, and that you couldn't give the project the time it so clearly deserves. Without a trace of sarcasm, obvs.

  2. I was being slightly tongue in cheek, but we will probably take a box or two with us (Yorkshire Tea. I'm kidding myself that the blend will be substantially different from PG/Typhoo etc. but your brain tells you this stuff). The British are notorious for bitching about the quality of tea elsewhere in the world, where in reality, I suspect, it's just different, and they like what they know. What I do know though, after long trips away, is one of the first things I do once in the door is stick the kettle on for a brew; and I'm not an especial tea lover.

    We asked for a Samovar for a wedding pressie, and blagged some tea blend recipes from Iranian friends (that may or may not include cracked cardamons ;)). Coupled with saffron sugar, it is delish.

    @Gwardinen - try it yourself! Brownies are dead simple :)

  3. This is a good point. We're already considering loading up with tea for our trip (how British, eh?). Maybe chocolate is another thing we should consider. P.s. if you like Ferrero Rocher (if the chap that mentioned them was American), you should really check out Lindt Lindor Truffles. So very nice. Aside: the wife went through a time of making double chocolate brownies; then we had the idea of taking them out part cooked and pushing a Lindor truffle into the centre of each one so that it melted a little when the brownies were cooked. No wonder I'm overweight.

    In Berlin last year, we couldn't NOT visit Fassbender & Rausch. The place is crackers - on the ground floor was a Taj Mahal made of chocolate and a 'working' Vesuvius model (with chocolate lava). Impressive, but a bit of a waste, I guess. Upstairs was a cafe, where you could order an espresso of dark chocolate. Fab.

  4. Cheers. I plan just to get a PAYG sim when we arrive to not be bummed by US/UK roaming charges (Japan/Aus cost nearly 100 quid!). It would be maybe nice to meet with a friendly face (keyboard?). We're going to be in SF for the weekend at the start (~4 days or so), and then our flight is from Tampa, but we *may* drive to Miami for a day or two. Not sure about that yet.

    But yeh, would be cool to meet up if you're free, and we're not doing anything.

  5. I thought the second series was pretty tedious. Felt that I had to soldier through it to get to more, better stuff - just felt that it went off the boil somewhat after the brilliance that was 1. 3 is better 4 just goes crackers and 5! HOLY SHIT! CAN'T BELIEVE THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS SPLIT IT INTO 2.

  6. ⌐___¬

    Life is okay at the moment. Freelance work supports me for roughly half the year, and I have a small business that brings in money the rest of the time, while also giving me opportunities to learn and practice a load of technical and business stuff I didn't have the opportunity to before. If I can make it pay more, I might even get to go snowboarding this winter.

    That sounds like a pretty good arrangement to me! I remember a conversation we had on a bus a year or so....chuffed to see that it has worked out nicely! :)