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  1. Talking about dick authors (ok, maybe you weren't but it's triggered a memory), a friend lent me the first two books of L Ron Hubbard's sci-fi years ago. This was before I knew he was responsible for the dickest organisation ever, but I read these books, and ended up really hating the author for writing this. From what I remember, all of the characters were massive dicks, either rampant, selfish egotists, sly, backstabbing bastards or something else. You might think that this is cool and realistic, rather than the one dimensional characters we sometimes have to put up with. However, they were pretty one-dimensional iirc, but were all one-dimensional bastards. Not one of the characters had any redeeming feature at all, and the entire society just seemed to be out for themselves and barely functioned. This may, of course, have been his point, but it made for a miserable experience. I don't think I made it half-way through the 2nd book.

    Then I found out that he had started a quasi-cult, and it all became clear. I thought back to his books and was glad that I hated them, that without the front-loaded knowledge of him starting this cult for idiots, I still loathed him.

    [Edit]I had to look the name of the books up, and it was 'Mission Earth'.

  2. The cube you're talking about is probably one of the artefacts.

    It's to help decipher the glyphs. The Blue one is to help with number puzzles (I think).

  3. Did anyone else notice that you can make

    black holes

    go away by leaving and immediately re-entering an area? I wonder if that's a bug.

    Yeh, we used this to clear a room to make jumps gettable. I think it's part of the game, 'cos near the start, the little floating cube explains to you that the blackholes come and go.

    There IS a bug, however, to get the anti-cube in the 'OWL' room.

  4. I found one in an empty room that did that, but there is another one in a room off the 16 cube unlocked area that is partially obscured by dudes & scaffolding. Not sure if it is the same one or not.

    I've found the one you mean; different ones.

  5. This game is fabulous. We ignored the map initially, but after doing few of the levels, it becomes pretty easy to navigate with it.

    The QR code we found

    gives you a control sequence to get an anti-cube.

    Loving it.

  6. Being totally unfamiliar with this sort of game, it's unlikely I would have picked it up for $30, but for $13 all it took was some positive mentions on Twitter.

    That really surprises me Chris, actually. You really go for RPGs like Torchlight and Diablo (and while not the same), there's a bit of heritage there. I guess I just assumed that you would have cut your teeth on Dungeon Master.

  7. Really entertaining game so far. :tup: You don't really get good loot often, and usually you get good stuff by finding secret areas, which makes it really rather rewarding when you do find it.

    But this is very true. I think on L2, I have a rusty machete and crap one-handed maul. (Perhaps that's too kind. It's more of a stone tied to a stick). I felt grateful for finding the machete, disgarding the blunt knife I had been forced to use until then (which in turn, I had been excited about finding!). Before that I was using the torches.