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  1. I really like it. The writing is cringe-worthy though and so is some of the acting but I really, really like it. They nailed the atmosphere. The way the Combine die could have been lifted straight out of the game.

  2. On most forums it would be a bit dodgy Kroms, but as you probably know there are a number of folks who have been on Idle Forums for years now and gotten to know each other, and have met each other in real life before.

    Anyway, I'd be more worried about letting internet people sleep on your sofa... Especially Yufster people. You're likely to find your household has suddenly acquired a pet wild seagull or some other random wildlife.

    Yeah, I figured. I'm not really an internet guy, so I don't know much about trusting people on the internet. Like, I've been on these forums for years but I hardly post at all, even though I kinda skim them every once in a while. Anyways.

  3. *ponders safety of sleeping on internet people's sofas*

    Hmm. One of my exes had socks like yours. I liked them, but they always made me think I was about to be kicked. Which I promptly was on break-up. :hmph:

  4. Not necessarily, and a movie will almost certainly have way, way more content in the same amount of time. There's a reason they cost millions to make.

    Well, movies have all this unnecessary spending too, but I understand what you're talking about.

    That having been said, 7 pounds is cheap for a game, especially one that plays at three hours. I'd rather pay 7 for 3 hours than 50 for 10 - which I may or may not finish.

  5. Eurogamer review is up.

    He gives it an 8. Yeah, scores don't matter so read the review.

    But I hate this:

    "[A]lthough beautiful and engaging, Flower's brief, film-length experience would be better suited to something closer to flOw's original GBP 3.49, and that ultimately counts slightly against it."

    Isn't a movie more expensive than Flower's 7 pounds? So why is he complaining?

  6. That has got to be, without a doubt, the blackest pigeon I've ever seen.

    PS: Look at that cat. It's all like, "Why yes, I DO want to eat this pigeon for breakfast." I feel for you kitty.

  7. Gosh the dead bird strip is such a classic.

    Also, on topic, I think Yufster should train the pigeon to send and receive messages. I always thought that was interesting, but I've never seen it in action. I guess E-mail is easier now.

    I have! I saw a guy train hundreds of pigeons at once to fly away and then come back at his whistle. One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, although you learn quickly that holding an umbrella is a good idea.

    Anyways let's see a picture of the pigeon!