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  1. I dunno, overall it's been pretty ace. Uncharted 2 and the Last Guardian were better than I'd ever expected.

    It's been a bad 24 hours for my heart. Monkey Island, mind-blowing Brutal Legend footage, and the Last Guardian? Fucker's been beating like its life depends on it (ho ho).

  2. Well, I'm officially euphoric. Monkey Island, incredible Brutal Legend footage, and a new Fumito Ueda game all within 24 hours?

    Description of the game:

    From the award-winning creator of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus comes a new gaming experience – the graphically-stunning, emotionally involving story of a child who encounters a legendary mythical creature. Trapped in a forbidding fortress, the pair must learn to trust each other in order to find their way to freedom. Prepare to live out a fairytale with The Last Guardian – a tale like no other.

  3. I'm still dancing like a maniac over Monkey Island and the new Brutal Legend footage, but I've also heard (from a somewhat reliable source) that the new Team ICO game is going to be shown, and that it is called The Last Guardian.

    Should be interesting.

  4. Well, thanks everyone. I've been trying out various pieces of advice and managed to write an entire page today (it's a start), and while it isn't exactly Shakespeare it's not bad either. Practice practice, got to practice.

  5. Oh wow, is it still playing in theatres? I saw it last October.

    Some excellent/good movies from last year that a lot of people didn't hear of: In Bruges, Wendy and Lucy, Frozen River, Happy-Go-Lucky, Waltz With Bashir, Ballast, Goodbye Solo, Che (Parts 1 + 2), [Rec], XXY, The Devil's Advocate (very interesting documentary), Killer of Sheep (although filmed in the 70s...), La Antena, Taxi to the Dark Side (also documentary), and Synecdoche, New York. Some others I can't remember.

    Boy, I went to the cinema a lot last year...

  6. I know a lot of you guys are writers, so I'm going to ask you for your advice.

    How do you deal with writer's block? I haven't been able to write anything for the past three years, save for the occasional ten-minute period that brings-out the uninspired review or two. It's gotten to the point where my writing in ninth grade was better.

    I don't get it. I used to love writing so much, and when I read articles by Lester Bangs or plays by Shakespeare, dialogue by Tim Schafer or Charlie Kaufman or Joel and Ethan Coen I immediately pick up a pencil and write...for ten seconds. Seven words a day. Even this post seems to have been written by a retarded five year old.

    I'm not usually a miserable misanthrope but my writing is the only thing I ever prided myself on and this has gotten me down. Any advice at all would be great.

  7. By 'not an indicator' do you mean in this sense;

    The former. This video was screened roughly two years ago to demonstrate what they wanted to do with the game. If you look closely you'll realise they've even used animation from Shadow of the Colossus.

    Here's what they did for Ico. It's fascinating, especially because of how much it changed with time.


  8. Hey guys, a word on the trailer:

    This was not meant for public view. This leaked footage is, as far as I know, from an early development/technology video that Sony showed some of its stockholders/employees two years ago. I've been seeing snippets of it for at least a year, in the form of mobile phone Quicktime videos filming a large screen. This is not an indicator of what the game is like at all.

  9. and the anti-intellectual, anti-science themes are back too. It's the latter part that I really take issue with. The notion that ignorance and gut instinct trumps well informed reason has been vaguely simmering throughout the series, coming to the fore every now and then.

    I haven't seen the show, but I don't suppose it's more of a "Science shouldn't be allowed to roam 100% free" is it? I remember people taking issue with some of the last Michael Crichton novels, saying that science should have no restrictions, when, uh, it very well should. (Nuclear bombs, all that hoola.)

  10. I'm reading The Matarese Circle by Robert Ludlum, who wasn't a great writer but usually had enough interesting ideas in his books to keep me pondering. His plot ideas, and the way they twist and turn and arrive at the brink of disaster always remind me of how the delicate our world is. Not exactly high or probably any kind of art, but I like them.

    Recently finished:

    Off Season by Jack Ketchum: my second Ketchum. A lot of people find this way superior to the other book of his that I read (Old Flames) but I have to disagree. I think this one was a bit too gory for me to breathlessly say "Buy it," but nonetheless was quite good. Not a large piece of intellect, but just a good, somewhat-B horror.

    The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark: a little novella about a Romantic (capital r) teacher and her students, in a story that weaves fascism, love, pre- and post-World War II Scotland and a bunch of girls not coming of age, more, er, losing it. I liked it because of how well it drew its parallels between Hitler and Miss Brodie, Germany and the students, etc. It didn't do much for me, but it's OK.

  11. Yeah, I know what you mean Thrik. I usually have this long, moral debate with myself on whether or not to post something that I probably shouldn't (I usually come across these leaks, by accident). Most times I don't, but when it's something completely harmless (like the IMDB Brutal Legend thing) I post about it.

    New interview up at Eurogamer, by the way. Just posted it on Mojo.

  12. I really hate the music videos fans make, and I mean really, really hate them. But I came across these a few days ago and I've seen them roughly 30 times since. They just nail what these games are all about. ScOULaris, whoever you are, you are a great editor.

    While I agree his taste in music isn't up there, his

    really made me realise how much the two games have in common, and just how brilliant they both are. I haven't seen it all the way through because it's spoiler-ish and I haven't finished Ico yet (I will this summer). And his
    is brilliant on every level. And although his choice of music in this one (Snow Patrol) is unfortunate, the lyrics and editing serve to make
    brilliant. Watch it all the way through, it's just great editing and you can tell he put a lot of work into it. I also really like his

    Needless to say the videos are full of spoilers for their respective games, but man those are good videos.

  13. Yeah we were having a good laugh about this yesterday. Well, you're talking about a province that tried to become a seperate country from the rest of Canada.

    Irony: I have never met a Frenchman who has the faintest idea what the average Quebec-ian is saying.

  14. This is a major bump.

    For those of you still wondering whether or not the game is worth getting, the End-All of All Opinions - the Mixnmojo review - is up. I reviewed Eps 2 + 3. And we say it is good, and thus it is. Mojo's word is law.

    :) Seriously play the game, it's great and deserves a thread with > 4 posts, K?

  15. So I have to finish The Joy Luck Club, Look Back in Anger and The Remains of the Day in 72 hours for my final - while also having to hand in a Java GUI assignment and a C assignment. Should be fun!


  16. Sam & Max: Season 2

    You're missing-out. I've said it before, I'll say it again: Sam and Max: Season Two was, by far, the best game of last year. It's up there with Grim Fandango and Monkey Island. Classic in every sense of the word.

    I still have to finish the last Strong Bad episode, but I've been planning to play it in two weeks, when my exams are over but everyone else is still going. I got three games - Bioshock, Drake's Fortune and (wait for this) LEGO Indy Jones (to play with my kid sister) - so there's those, and Okami, which I got a year ago but didn't start. Still, I have four months of nothing to do, so I should have plenty of time.

  17. They're from pre-Islamic Arabia. Actually the first of them was more than 1500 years ago, as the seven poets were spread out over a century. And I believe Islam is now 1450 years old, but it's the 1430th Islamic year (i.e.: since the "Hijra," which is Arabic for "immigration", and in this case Muhammad's to al-Madinah, a city whose name, quite literally, translates as The City. A city called The City. Is that creative or what?)

    Upanishad are Hindu scriptures, so they're not related. :)

    Although I haven't looked up all of this, so I may be inaccurate. Using my memory here.