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  1. Final Fantasy 8 and 11 came out on PC, but you don't want to play Final Fantasy on the PC anyway because Final Fantasy is shit

    Well, anything after 7 anyway is shit.

    7 came out for PC too, but it was a horribly buggy port.

  2. Technically HL: Source never labelled itself as a remake, so to say "higher quality remake" is a rather pointless statement.

    Well, okay. Higher quality remastering? Sure they're in different classes as far as their goals, but they're still similar projects in that they're both transferring the original game to the Source engine and improving certain aspects of it. I think a lot of people would agree that HL: Source didn't really do as much as they had hoped, but I suppose it's going to remain the most faithful "new" version of the game, considering the BM team has stated that they're going to change some fundamental things.

    And yeah, I'd agree there are a lot of "ifs" surrounding the project. What has been shown has been pretty encouraging though, and I'm looking forward to it in the back of my mind. For someone who has never played the original, HL: Source is definitely the way to go for the pure experience. Still, I haven't replayed the original yet, so I'm planning on holding off until Black Mesa, provided they do eventually pull it off.

  3. You can just get HL: Source. It's exactly the same game except slightly nicer looking.

    Or you can wait for Black Mesa Source, which looks to be a higher quality remake of HL1 than HL: Source turned out to be.

    The funny thing about HL's AI is I can only remember being surprised by it one or two times. There were only a few major encounters with the soldiers that showed it off. It was the quality of the scripted sequences that really impressed me. The same held true with HL2, for the most part. Which is fine, I think. It hurts the replay factor to a degree, but FEAR went entirely in the other direction (less focused on an experience as a whole, more on random encounters within stock environments) and I don't replay that every day either.