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  1. 14 hours ago, Kyir said:

    Nick's single new DS3 stream whet my appetite for them and now I'm being left hungry. Life is hard. 


    Very excited to see him reach the cheatin hitman section of DLC2.


    Apologies. As evidenced by the end of the last stream, my internet has been having some problems. It was bad again today, but I'll try a test stream tomorrow. 

  2. On 2/21/2017 at 11:37 AM, RubixsQube said:

    Did I miss something...has Nick taken an extended Bloodborne Break? 


    I did. I have. I am. Sorry! The next episode of Thumbs has some explanation. But yeah, the vial farming was burning me out a little bit. I may stream another game for a week and come back to Bloodborne when I'm feeling more fresh. Or I may just play Bloodborne more sporadically than I played Dark Souls, to kind of spread out the farming, haha. Not sure. I'll definitely beat it, but yeah, I wish it had Dark Souls' health system. :/ 

  3. Hey all. I'm about to PM SL128 a list of all the clips, so that should hopefully be that on clips.


    As for Bloodborne, I've been considering waiting on that until I can get a streaming setup that would allow for the internalization meter/etc to continue, but given the reality of how long it'd take to get that up and running, I'll probably just go ahead and start streaming it tomorrow. 

  4. 4 minutes ago, eot said:

    In a more normal play through his attacks don't really neutralize your healing though, because you typically heal a lot more health than he deals damage. So it's more of a thing of making your heals less efficient.


    Yeah. I have to remind myself that if I'd beaten this guy in three tries (I still think I might have gotten him in one) I would not be complaining about it at all. Still. Their design intention was clearly to create a lengthy final boss fight, so some of this stuff remains disappointing. 


    But. I will triumph today, regardless. 

  5. 46 minutes ago, Problem Machine said:

    Oh I thought you were streaming at noon. I guess you meant high noon in the metaphorical sense


    That was my original plan, but I'm a little busy this morning, and I want to give it my undivided attention. 



    The Lord of Cinder is unforgiving in a way that no other boss in the series is. On my first play-through of DS1 I spent a solid week trying to beat him, and by the time I finally did I was so utterly bored with the fight that I didn't even feel accomplished. I had that feeling that Nick talked about on the podcast, where I had already beaten him in my mind so I was no longer invested in the fight.


    The fight itself is whatever, but the fact that his animation is buggy is a real shame. It's kind of a slap in the face to see him glitching from one anim to another when you're trying to hit these absurdly precise timings. 


    Also, I really don't think it should ever be that hard to heal in a boss fight. Maybe if it's a short one, or has some other trick to it. But not the final boss. 


    Anyway, I'm just dumb for not taking off the ring. 


  6. 3 hours ago, eot said:

    Sadly not.


    I have some suggestions for what Nick could try if he keeps struggling next time. He's probably aware of most of them but still:


    7. Take off the ring that makes me a level 1 character


    I'm going to try again today. Same time (4pm Pacific). Definitely will not be going as long as last night. But I'm going to beat this stupid, stupid guy. 

  7. 2 hours ago, eot said:

    That's why I hoped he'd have done the DLC earlier

    Also, Nick is terrible for not saving Sif.


    In my defense, I did not think I'd beat the boss -- that everyone was constantly pumping up as a big deal -- on the second try. 


    Which actually begs the question: what's the difficulty level of DS2 in comparison to DS1/DS3? So far, at least in my playthroughs, I'd say DS3's bosses were trickier on average than DS1's. But then again, I was new to playing the game, so maybe I'm just better at combat now and DS3 will seem like a cakewalk when I replay it? 

  8. 10 hours ago, Problem Machine said:

    What do you think, Nick? I can advise you how how to do any of these, or you can just wing it. I feel like a lot of people are starting to resent my intrusions, so I won't provide any more guidance without being asked first.


    (I just got to the part where he somehow managed to luck into four bonewheels glitching through the floor HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK?????????????????)


    I don't personally resent intrusions, especially when the game opens up like this and I'm directionless. I think pushing the rudder in one direction or another is necessary to keep the stream moving and to not have people pulling their hair out, so feel free to guide me to one level or another. I think once I'm going down a relatively linear path, I'm probably best left to my own devices until I hit a serious wall. 


    Also, I think I'll stream a bit today starting around 330pm Pacific.