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  1. Does anyone know of reliable third-party drivers or anything if the official Microsoft ones will never seem to work? If I could get my damn controller to work on my desktop, I would likely buy this game in a matter of minutes.

    I've used the XBDC+ drivers on a 32-bit Vista to get my 360 DDR pad to play nicely with Stepmania. (The default 360 drivers mapped the arrows to hats, which made it impossible to do steps involving more than one arrow at a time. :fart:)

    The install process for 64-bit systems seems to involve an additional step of disabling Microsoft's enforcement of valid driver signatures, so use at your own risk.

  2. They are indeed different, but I honestly wouldn't warrant them worthy of any extra playtime. While I did spend the time to at least find 4 of the endings, I found them rather boring, confusing, and unfinished. The stories left little in the way of anything but a feeling of regret for spending the time to find them. If you want a fully fleshed out 3rd person narrative story, go watch Stranger Than Fiction. If you need to tickle the interactive aspect of it, open up the source SDK and walk around an empty map while watching.

    I respectfully disagree. The choice points were mostly all well indicated, it didn't take much time to replay the game and find them, and they all enhanced the theme in quite different ways.

    If what you wanted was to find out what happened to Stanley and his workplace, yeah, the endings are disappointing. But telling that story isn't the point of the game. Instead, it examines the notion of

    authorial intent limiting choices in an interactive game, broadening it to greater notions of agency and free will.

    Kind of armchair psych, and it's been done before (hell, it's been done by me, although nowhere near as well done), but it's all well written and acted that I enjoyed the time I spent on it.

    I take some issue with its seeming assertion that

    exploring possibliity spaces in predetermined narrative framework

    is inherently uninteresting, but I found the game's argument to be well told.

  3. [...] A certain password for Metroid will crash your 3DS so badly you'll have to wait for the batteries to die to make it usable again.

    Now that's not entirely fair, as it's a password you wouldn't normally enter anyway, and caused the *original NES Metroid* to crash.

  4. Finished playing Little King's Story last week. Oh man. :tup:

    Love the overall aesthetics of this game. It's so completely utterly charming in everything it does, especially the FMV sequences:


    It's a mashup between a light action-strategy game like Pikmin and a city-building game. You go out on expeditions to fill your kingdom's treasury, expand your territory by defeating bosses and rival kings, and build your kingdom up to recruit new citizens and gain the ability to train new soldier types.

    While it might look "kiddy," the boss battles are no joke. If you're not careful, you can lose civilians in battle. Sometimes they wash up safe and sound on the beach. And sometimes they die for good, prompting their friends in town to dress in black for a day and hold a funeral that night.

    The pathfinding is irritating until you get the "evade" formation (which lets your troops follow you single-file), and it can get a bit tedious if you're a completionist or feel so bad for your men that you want to avoid all casualties, but there's really no reason not to play it.

  5. Just got the

    White Butterfly

    ending for Rez HD (

    95% of enemies shot down and not getting hit in the final boss rush. My stats were 97.79% shot down, 89.91% items collected


    Now I'm around 1,116th place on the worldwide leaderboards for Direct Assault (beating the game in a single sitting). :woohoo:

  6. Shadow Complex did this too: instead of making the collection stuff something fun they turn it into this terrible, terrible epilogue where you're really done with the game, but since you got almost all the things just by playing the game, you really want the remaining ones, but there's no hints or clues or indicators or anything. Just a huge, depressing map. Fuck that.

    Is the game world in Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet at least any better than Shadow Complex's awful layout? I seem to recall the latter game had minimal shortcuts between areas, most of which could only be accessed in the endgame, making it an absolute chore to backtrack and explore the map for the remaining items.

  7. :buyme:Murder Dog IV: Trial of the Murder Dog

    By: thecatamites (author of Space Funeral, which you should also play)

    Available: Free download at Super Friendship Club

    Synopsis: Murder Dog is a sociopath on trial for his numerous crimes against humanity. You can try to get him acquitted or stay true to his violent beliefs. Throughout the game, there's an adorable dog providing meta-commentary on the plot and your actions.