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  1. GameDevStory is $0.10 today, along with some other stuff on the official Google app store.

    And for non-sale games I've played recently:

    • ChuChu Rocket - Port of the Dreamcast puzzle game. Awful load times and missing human v. human multiplayer from what I can tell. Game is still entertaining. :tmeh:
    • Cut the Rope - Charming at first, then starts demanding more precision than you actually have control over and confusing timing puzzles with actual puzzles like every other puzzle game ever. :tmeh:
    • Enviro-Bear 2000 - Who is driving? Bear is driving! How can this be?! :tup:
    • These Robotic Hearts of Mine - Solid spatial reasoning puzzle game. :tup:
    • Vanitas - Tale of Tales' notgame about shaking a box full of random crap to minimalist string accompaniment. :tdown:

  2. Like Hermie, I am really enjoying the irony that Microsoft banned* the winner of a Children's BAFTA for being unsuitable for children.

    *Enforced draconian, inconsistent rules on sexual content in Xbox Live Indie Games that prevented its release. On the same console, an of-age user can download movies containing images of actual nude women (e.g. Harold & Kumar: Unrated), and play a game in which Duke Nukem can violently euthanize topless, sexually-abused women.

  3. Shame I can't gift just the Introversion games to someone I guess? There was a special option in the beginning before buying if I want to gift them, but I guess the Steam codes don't work now if I were to give those to a friend as I didn't choose that option. Are the codes really for your own personal use or is that more of a moral guideline?

    Moral guideline. So long as you didn't already use the codes yourself, they should work once to activate on anyone's Steam account.

  4. I remember Munch's Oddyssey being rather shit when I first played it on the Xbox. Respawning without penalties killed the feeling of vulnerability from the first games, and led to some tedious game sessions where I just had Abe slap an entire slig army to death over the course of several lives. And I wasn't a fan of limiting your possession ability through collecting green spores instead of situationally through finding a hiding spot that wasn't in view of enemies or those zapping drones. :fart:

  5. I'm more bothered by the rumors stating that you have to participate in their co-operative PvE meta-game thing to get the best ending in the SP campaign.

    So 3-5 years down the line when EA shuts down their servers to save money, no one will be able to normally get the best ending? :eek:

  6. Save-stated my way through Zelda 2. Man, that was a frustrating game. Poorly telegraphed puzzles to get items required to progress through the main dungeon. (

    Exactly one chimney lets you drop down it to find a swordsman! Find a hidden town by methodically destroying all forest tiles with your hammer! Duck and press action under a random table that looks the same as all other tables in the game to find a mirror!

    ) Insanely difficult combat. Crueler level design than a Mega Man game, made even worse by frequent repetition of room elements and a total lack of the maps from every other zelda iteration. I can see why it gets a bad rap. :fart:

    What's odd is that when playing it, I kept remembering aspects of Demon's Souls/Dark Souls reviews, at least in regards to punishing difficulty, losing progress (getting a game over resets your unbanked experience points), and a relatively small world made to seem so much larger via incremental progress. Haven't played them. I'm curious how they actually compare.

  7. Totally looking forward to the followup on RPS!

    There's a large mix of engines and tech involved: Unity, Allegro, KNP and other Klik products, Game Maker, Construct, Flash, Ren'Py, AGS, an even some Inform z-code text adventures.

    There was a push from the organizers to port the KNP games to either flash or the 64-bit compatible MMF format. Not sure if all of the games did this, but all of mine at least are runnable in 64-bit windows, and all but one are compatible with Macs.