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  1. I'm considering a replay of it again at the moment but I'm torn between starting it on the pc or xbox.

    PC seems to be winning at the moment but I don't game that much on it recently. I'd probably get through it quicker on the xbox, shame you can't install original xbox games.

    Oh, weird. You used to be able to download Psychonauts through the 360 marketplace. Wonder when they took it down?

    Probably for the best, though. If I remember right, the backwards compatibility engineers at Microsoft introduced a visual bug that blued out Raz's costume after using the journal, and Microsoft executives wouldn't allow a fix even after Double Fine volunteered to help them for free.

  2. thread NECRO!

    I posted Analogue: A Hate Story to the indie games thread and y'all should check it out if you don't have some kind of knee jerk reaction against anime style visual novels. It is rad.

    Good recommendation. Completed it

    with both *Hyun-ae endings

    tonight. The storytelling kept me so enthralled throughout (after some initial difficulty mentally sorting out the large, interconnected cast of characters with Korean names) that I finished it in a single playthrough. If you're at all a fan of Christine Love's previous games or interesting forms of storytelling, at least check out the demo. :tup:

  3. If anyone wants, I got a copy of Nail'd in the Steam holiday sale.

    I also have the following Steam coupons: 2x Valve 25% off, 1C Publisher Catalog 25% off, Killing Floor 50% off, Sanctum 50% off, and Munch's Oddysse 50% off

  4. Crap. I did one of those other achievements that weren't in the Gift Pile page yet. (Hoard). Now it appeared there, but it doesn't register :( I played the game again for a bit to be safe and did burn some additional thieves, but no luck :(

    Check the winter sale achievement page again. Did the BIT.TRIP.BEAT one last night, and only by returning to that page did I get my coal.

  5. Forget zombies. Where are all the vampire games? Apparently this shit is hot right now in books and maybe movies? I know Twilight and some other Vampire cash-in riding on Twilight's coattail* is trying to take over the sci-fi section in the book store.

    * I'm probably thinking of another expression here but can't remember.

    I wouldn't mind another Buffy game.


  6. Thinking back, the best gaming experience I had this year was the Portal 2 ARG, not Portal 2 itself. Playing those other Indie games to get potatoes to help release Portal 2 early was a hugely enjoyable and engaging experience for me.

    Just engaged with this game yesterday as I was cleaning up my hard drive. Found that I had about 100 megabytes worth of ARG files that persisted in my Steam folder even after uninstalling the games which unlocked them.

  7. Odd year for me. Haven't had the time or wealth to keep up with the latest console releases, and my original DS had its touch screen die an ignoble death. Spent most of my gaming time with either older games or smaller indie releases.

    English Country Tune is my favorite of the bunch. It starts with classic puzzle types like block pushing and step on every tile once. Very quickly it keeps creating clever, thoughtful, honest-to-goodness unique puzzle ideas that play with spatial thinking and abstract logic in ways only possible in video games. The puzzles never get tedious or unfair, and it feels as if every level brings something fresh to the concept. Haven't finished it yet, but I'm confident in calling it my


    Runners up

    • Murder Dog IV: Trial of the Murder Dog
    • Atom Zombie Smasher
    • Bastion

    Games I only played this year, but would have been contenders for their respective years

    • Little King's Story
    • Bubble Bobble (NES)
    • Deadly Premonition - Apart from the rather sickening theme of
      mercy-killing rape victims
      that developed near the end.

  8. For the longest time, I really wanted to play Uncharted. I watched my friend play Uncharted 2 and was immediately turned off by the unending shootfest. That's not what I thought the game was. I expected... well... Indiana Jones, the video game.

    Common mistake. When talking to Elena at the start of the game, DON'T tell her that you prefer to solve problems with your guns. That permanently puts you on the ACTION path. Instead, tell her that you prefer to solve problems with your brains, which should shift you onto the WITS path.

    If only...