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  1. I think it's a safe bet that the nudity thing was entirely responsible for the reclassification (the unmoddable 360 version isn't getting re-rated)

    No, the 2pi version was changed as well:

    Rerating games based on 3rd party patches is pretty ridiculous. You can't see the files normally, and you'd pretty much have to be trying to use the mod. Plus, as one of the announcers of the PC Gamer podcast said, any kid enterprising enough to be able to install the mod is capable of seeing far worse online. The announcer also suggested making a mod for Harry Potter which replaced his iconic scar with a female nipple, notifying the ESRB, and seeing their reaction then.

  2. Quick! Someone convince an eccentric billionaire to purchase 1,000,000 of those babies! It's the only thing standing between us and more Double Fine interactive goodness!!

    Also, can anyone understand what they're saying in the video? (Besides "Ooooh," obviously.)

  3. Ford: "Remember to only use pyrokinesis only when it's absolutely necessary...or entertaining. And if you're using pyrokinesis to impress girls, make certain they're not wearing a lot of hairspray first."

    French soldier: "You killed my father, bridge!"

    Raz: "I'm baking a pie."

    Agent: "You better not be trying to steal my husband...tramp."

    Raz: "I'd like you to meet Mr. Pokeylope!"

    Ford: "It's nice to see that you're making new friends after all of your old ones GOT THEIR BRAINS STOLEN!"

    Purple Tentacle: "I feel stronger, faster, more aggressive. I feel as if I could...if I could...take on the world!"

    Fisherman: "Holy mackrel!"

    Max: "I'm a trout, stupid."

    Fisherman: "Holy trout!"