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  1. Every time you summoned the robot Impact for boss fights in Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon, this glorious theme song played.


    And the buildup to the final boss? An onstage song and dance number. (0:55 in)



    You do Squinky a disservice

    Dominique Pamplemousse is so charming! Structurally, it's like a full-length version of the

    scene from Curse of Monkey Island, syncing every single line of dialogue to the soundtrack.


    Well done! Very specifically caught on number one! Still looking for the track title for seven.

    P.S. Sorry for the double post.

    Grr, struggling with 7. 

    Sounds similar in instrumentation (steady string bassline, woodwind melody) to the 

     songs, although the tempo seems too fast

  3. Thought there was another, larger thread about this, but couldn't find it. So this exists and I can't remember what game I am thinking of.


    It was a web game, top down, very blue, iconic(like it used icons or inforgraphics or something) simple line art type thing. It was like a survival game where you roamed an island  with interiors, collecting survivors and or goods (I think) and avoiding the monsters, which I think were just floating fish type things. There was another mechanic, I think, that was shooting a fishing line and roping a monster/fish thing, but I can't remember what you would do with that.


    This may help or hinder my chances of figuring out what this is, but from my recollection, it looked kind of like this:




    Does anyone have any clue what I might be thinking of here?




    This is probably Nenad's Escape from the Fishing Community Island! Good mockup.

  4. For completeness, Danielle did tweet a contrite apology in response to that line of criticism.

    Some of the reaction to the Sonic art piece has me re-evaluating my own biases. I'm a sex positive left-wing queer lady, and enjoy the hell out of fan art - good, bad, ugly, what have you. I apologize for not being more proactive, and for kink-shaming. That's on me. Please, everyone, be the kinky (or not kinky) person that you are, be proud, do everything you want to do and live joyfully. (as much as that is possible, given the shitty systems we live in.)

  5. I gave up on Contact, a DS action-RPG after about halfway through. Heard it was boring but it had some involvement by Suda51, who made boring fetch quests into a surreal, masochistic, often hilarious artform in Flower Sun & Rain. Not so compelling here with needlessly large dungeons, repetitive combat, weak writing. It only gets worse as it goes along, with nominal puzzles that require you to backtrack to change clothes (classes) to unlock doors, and a food crafting system that takes more time to use than just grinding for money to buy basic healing potions. The plot has a few interesting concepts from watching some later bits in an LP, but I can't recommend the execution.

    You play as yourself controlling a sentient high-res character via your DS at the request of a low-fi professor who's after a collection of sparkly macguffins. It does some neat things to drive home the separation of Player and Player Character -- giving them separate names, letting you play with the professor's cat while the player is sleeping, an ending that alludes to the ethical problems of the physical and emotional pain you've put this poor kid through for the sake of winning the game. Cute concept, but the moment to moment writing and gameplay didn't grab me.

  6. Oh, in my playthrough I thought one of the points of the gamedev sim in Xanadu was that making a perfect simulation of reality was a fool's errand, a trap that ensnared the developers in the cave long ago like Chris Crawford's long-suffering Storytron project with hints of AAA's absurd manhours spent on graphical fidelity. Realism and meaning at odds with each other, minutiae overshadowing a work's themes, bugs mounting up with every new feature. I'm not sure how to interpret it if you can max out everything!

  7. You can disable auto-delete from Pocket Casts and it would simply indicate played vs unplayed, allowing you to delete what you consciously heard and relisten to ones you slept through.

    Tried this. Downloaded podcast files still remain on my phone (visible after changing a filter setting in the Downloaded filter playlist), but are still automatically removed from my manual playlist after a single play. To their credit, the devs were quick to clarify this behavior when I asked them about this on twitter last year.

  8. I've also been happy with Pocket Casts, except for a specific use case. I tend to sleep better when I have podcasts playing during the entire night (e.g. no sleep timer), but that doesn't mesh well with playlists and queues that automatically remove episodes like Pocket Casts, leaving me frequently rebuilding playlists to include episodes that technically were played but I never consciously heard. Does anyone know of any podcast apps that let me create playlists of episodes that won't change unless I specifically want them to?


    Back to games, Gridrunner++ is a glorious donationware shmup and the Dwee Pack is a fascinating pack of vaguely ominous mood pieces.

  9. Good games! I also remember Castle of Elite being a solid puzzle platformer when I first played it almost a decade ago. Good riff on the tile-placing levels of Donkey Kong '94.


    Anyone play MURI? Looks like it takes a lot of cues from Apogee/EPIC platformers from the trailer.

  10.  I decided to just try pushing it all the way forward over all four conduits, then pulling it all the way back a couple times in a row to see if something would happen. Sure enough, that did the trick and the tree came down.

    Sounds like you stumbled onto the solution, but there was a little bit of adventure game logic behind the correct state. Glottis alone doesn't have enough strength to pull the tree down. You can observe the tree shaking a bit when the pumps fire, but it's still not enough to bring it down. The conduits let you alter the timing of each pump. The pumps would have a larger effect when the pumps' forces don't cancel each other out, so the greatest destabilization occurs when pumps on the same side are firing in sync and alternating with the ones on the other side.


    That said, I totally walkthrough'd the sign puzzle when I played it the first time. :getmecoat