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  1. Played and enjoyed the demo. The characters are so charmingly animated. I really like the pictoral representation of dialogue.

    That was a really short demo. And if these 3 scenes are 10% of the full game... then... :( the price is quite steep.

    You're assuming that the early levels are representative of later levels in terms of both length and challenge. I don't think that's a fair assumption, but we won't know for sure until the full game is released.

  2. The Randy Newman one was more a parody of an artist's style more than a straight lyric-replacement parody.

    Sorry if the suggestion was insulting in any way to your musical abilities. When I'm tired enough to think posting my random thoughts online is a good idea, I should probably get off the internet. And this thought was especially random. :grin:

  3. Can you vouch for the game's quality? If it's good, I might buy it and see. Unfortunately, it looks like you'll have to buy the haptic feedback version from Novint's site. If you've got it from Steam or some other service, you're out of luck.

    Gish is a great game. You play as a sentient ball of tar that maneuvers around a platform environment by changing your physical properties. Like, you become denser to smash through blocks and enemies, you become sticky to climb up walls and grab objects, you become slick to squeeze through games, and you become rigid to jump after compressing yourself. Haven't quite played anything like it. The original publishers have a demo if you want to try it out.

    That said, I have no idea how the hell the Falcon would work on a 2d side-scrolling platform game. :erm:

  4. Awesome game should have an awesome sequel.

    So what kind of sequel should No More Heroes have? :grin:

    (God, that game was a slog if you didn't have its sense of humor. How the hell do you justify a ten minute long featureless black corridor as a level?).

    Here's hoping the 2d minigames will be less one dimensional than the last game. They sure do look pretty, and I did enjoy that random shmup Travis played on the train more than the game proper.

  5. "The protagonist's ascent from rags to riches reminds me of how little IGN pays me." --

    "I love the way this box quote covers the box art." --

    "You need to play this game, if only for the Novint Falcon-enabled love scene." --

    "I left my wife for this game's heroine!" --

    "If Kasumi wore any less clothing, we would have raised the score to 11." --

    "Features the planet where Hottie McBlue Boobs died" --

  6. Pretty fun once you get the concept is to time each life to get a continuous combo of taco-eating.

    Up to 701,350. Currently 67th all time, although that's bound to drop quickly.

    There should at least be a button to center the camera.

    Err.. there is a button to center the camera. Two, in fact. J or Z. It's mentioned right below the game. Still a bit of a pain to use, but it's there. :shifty:

  7. Anyone played Ergon Logos?

    It's a game made entirely of kinetic text, which angles off, moves, multiplies, and resizes to reflect the meaning of what you're reading.

    The game itself is an interactive, Video game-analyzing, meta jazz/beat poetry... thing... :erm: ...

    It's like a real-time choose your own adventure about

    Mario suffering an existential crisis? Damned if I know

    ... I'm not quite sure how to describe it. Just play it.

  8. Nthing the compliments about the map transitions. In general, the animations seemed really good this episode, particularly the

    fight scenes with LeFlay

    . I also got a good chuckle out of the camera movement in the

    Nice Cans


    The LeChuck adventure game puzzle had some hilarious moments. I love how the game interprets the "wrong" answers as Guybrush intentionally messing with LeChuck.

    Puzzle-wise, it was a tad disappointing. I could have sworn

    both pirates turned around when I shouted the distracting thing when they weren't staring at each other

    . I was happy that the jungle wasn't so labyrinthine this time. Putting the


    in the fish didn't make much sense. Most of the puzzles after collecting the three Macguffins were so well telegraphed that I knew how to do them all (apart from not guessing final step of the one

    where the melted metal cools down if you walk too far

    ). I was (pleasantly) surprised that the

    rubber tree puzzle didn't require you to put it in the pile with the other trees.

    Looking forward to the next episode!

    Oh, and LeChuck randomly turned into a black ball when I returned to the cannon near the end of the game. Not sure what that was about.

  9. Is it just my computer acting up, or is there a memory leak in the later (W&G, ToMI) Telltale Games that slows down the game something fierce after a few hours of play?

    Liking the new episode so far. Some great animation in the intro puzzle.