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  1. Of those, Myers-Briggs is especially wooey. Between that and the closed doors sessions at GDC, if I didn't know people who worked in HR departments, they'd seem like a really weird priesthood.

  2. What can someone do with an English degree? In all seriousness. A buddy has just got his masters and I had literally no idea what he could do, other than work in the service industry: which he refuses to do.


    A friend did her PGCE after an English studies degree and an English Lit. Master's. She now teaches and she's pretty happy with that.

  3. I absolutely love Pacific Rim, because it's ridiculous and fun, but manages to do all that without being dumb or offensive in the way a lot of action movies are. 


    The fight with pink neon made my brain go "ooooooooh!", Pacific Rim is loads of fun.


    I went in with exactly the right expectations from the trailer, thanks to the shot of the ship being wielded like a bat.

  4. I feel kinda weird that tweeter went straight to Brown skipping the UK's far more direct equivalent of Charlie in Viz.



    While he makes serious points and often doesn't joke about them, when he does he always goes for the better joke. While he's not the best parallel, Chubby is an example of racist humour that was widely accepted here in the UK, but that the same people talking to muslims about racist depictions right now would probably never consider defending.

  5. Those are great ways to express it, Apple Cider.


    I didn't retweet this because I've been struggling to process any of the past few days news and the way twitter continuously reacts to and chews it up. This morning I wanted to retweet this, but didn't because I lacked the energy for any potential conversations that might come out of it:


    Fundamentalists kill Chubby Brown. Weeping liberals in flying helmets chant "I am Chubby" by candlelight and recite his best P*** jokes.


    Context: Roy Chubby Brown built a career on dressing goofy and being racist on stage.


    Seeing people speak about the cartoons and (effectively) say "You're not looking at the racist tropes in context!", while I have black friends who are really offended by them, is tragic. There's a reason most newspaper cartoons telegraph and caption things so heavily, and it's to leave no room for interpretation. If these French cartoons lack the context to stop that, they were shitty work that can't stand or communicate by itself, and no amount of context or intent save them from being racist.


    Back to that Twitter News Cycle™ though, it seems people can't think about it without projecting a baddies/goodies divide. Some people were brutally murdered. It doesn't sanitise their work.

  6. Waitaminutehere...if I irritate gg enough, they'll mail me a dildo? I mean, who doesn't need an extra dildo laying around, even if it's just for decoration (cause I'm not going to use one that some stranger sent me in the mail).

    Here's a reddit post that collected a bunch of Twitter links about the dildo (reddit link is safe, Twitter link, obviously NSFW). And here's the eBay auction itself (again, NSFW). That auction will probably be killed within the next day or two, as it violates the community guidelines. Even as an autographed item, it probably has to go in the semi-hidden Adult category.


    Hah! :)


    Wait. JuiceBro's 15? I thought he said he was 37. 




    That's in douche years.

  7. I had to unfollow pixiejenni for the .@'s. Not that I don't admire her persistence and calm politeness in the face of GG's horror, but her account just filled my feed with gater stuff constantly.


    The Brianna stuff from earlier: I can see her point but think it was a bad approach. Better to move on to the more constructive things she's advocating than make statements that can be read as "Ok everyone, this is over now! Everyone move on to something else!"

  8. Roosh published, a breathless, apocalyptic pro-GG piece that turned out to be entirely lifted from an old anti-communist screed, with "John Birch Society" replaced by GG and "communist" replaced with SJW:


    Given the motives of the group of people who started GG, I'm thinking it might be sincere and the writer didn't expect to get caught.

  9. KiA is, once again, going absolutely apeshit over the Intel announcement.  There's a bunch of hilarious shit in there right now


    I took a quick look this morning, and laughed loudest at the thread title "Open letter to Intel: If you play with fire you will get burned".

  10. It reads like there's not malign intent in that email, but you've talked about manipulative things she's done before and it seems like, even if she means well, a lot of her outlook and the conclusions she's already come to on you and your relationship are passively hostile to you if that even makes sense. If you're still having nightmares you probably still need space, and might always. No matter how well meaning she might be, you don't owe her contact, friendship, love, or anything like.

  11. I found Watts a bit too enamored with his own erudition and prone to overly cute character touches



    I particularly hate when people lean on evolutionary psychology to talk about competitive and adversarial behaviour while entirely ignoring cooperative behaviour and species. At points Blindsight seems to do that, and I sometimes couldn't tell how much of that was Siris outlook and how much the authors.

  12. As I said that premise was entirely new to me, and I haven't read much hard SF. One author that springs to mind and seems relatively unknown (at least now) is Algis Budrys. I loved Rogue Moon, it's a very different kind of book to Blindsight and centres entirely on very human characters, but has a similarly bleak centre.

  13. I'm on that list with Bjorn and Nach as well. I like the idea of karma and all that, but can't believe in it. That said, people like to challenge me on the basis that I do meditate. The relaxation and tranquility is rewarding in and of itself and I don't associate anything spiritual with it though.


    I meditate sometimes too, but even when studying Buddhism I thought it just had very real and mundane psychological benefits in terms of conscious processing of unconscious things (mindfulness of breathing) and trying to cultivate empathy (metta bhavana). Within a few months I started to occasionally have really vivid visions too, but nothing made me think they were more than psychological quirks/glitches/experiences; altered states don't have to hinge on some kind of outside power.


    I can see how people might bring meditation up as "Aha you are spiritual" but that's how I'd answer them.