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  1. cartoon elephant jazz

  2. A riddle-y type thing.

    i actually had a legit answer for this, it was her twin sister. she saw the man and fell in love with him a first site, she was jellous that she was talking to his sister, so she killed her to pose as her.
  3. 1Mbps! Yay! (Happy dance!)

    nope, not just your case, i think that would be anyone's
  4. 1Mbps! Yay! (Happy dance!)

    i'm stuck at 3Mbps with a cap around 250k download and 30k upload, i pay around 50 bucks a month (USD) i dont even think i have the option of reaching a higher through put threw my internet provider.
  5. Folding your shirts

    it works for me but the shit still end up folded realy big, i have to make an other fold to get it to fit correctly in my dresser.
  6. Half Life 2 First Impressions

    if it makes you feal any better i was'nt a fan of the first game, i played it in a few days time span and i ddi'nt think anything great of it. but i love the new one. it's easily game of the year in my book!
  7. Half Life 2 First Impressions

    i bought the special edition for 80 USD which came with a mine book. the book contains segments from the strategy guide and the above book you mentioned. from what i have seen in the mini book the artwork alone is enough to get it, it also fills you in on somethings but not allot. I'm going to get it, i just don't know when.
  8. Platform acronyms

    thats a good point with the PSX but i never refeard to the gamecube as GCN on as GC
  9. Half Life 2 First Impressions

    marek is telling the truth, my next door nabor said he hated it, i just found out that he's in jail or rapping 4 puppys. and how the hell do you get those thumbs up/thumbs down thingys....?
  10. i have the PC version and i do like it a lot, i cant get that far in it becuase of the controles. i say, get the X-box version.
  11. Half Life 2 First Impressions

    has anyone heard of this rumor
  12. got llama?
  13. Extraordinary League of Gentlemen

    i thought the movie's fite sceans were confusing, you could'nt tell who was fighting who and what was happening to whom.
  14. Bear vs Gorilla

    i think the gorrila would win, they have fingers. a simple eye gouge and the bear is fucked.
  15. New Playstation 2

    i already own a ps2 so i wont be getting it, but it does look nice. it can stand vertical but you need to by a special stand for it. kinda pointless though as mentioned above because of the top loading. the only draw back is that you cant get a HD for it. not that big of a deal because not many games would use the HD.
  16. PS2/Two and backward compatibility

    jeez, my post was mest up.. let me fix that "i know they work for a fact, i own them and they work fine on my PS2"
  17. Dogs

    yes, dogs can look up...i have 2 full bred english mastiffs, when they beg at the table they put there head to the ground and stare up at the diner table.
  18. PS2/Two and backward compatibility

    "i know they work for a fact, i own them and they work fine on my PS2"
  19. PSP's opening price in Japan revealed

    I'm really excited about this, I'm glad that the battery is rechargeable. in the future their will probably be newer batteries that give it longer life. on slightly different subject concerning Nintendo DS. the presales in japan have sky rocketed, so the DS does have a chance. compared to the PSP i think the DS will make the same amount of money.
  20. Did I waste 24 bucks?

    i hated FFXII, i thought it was a complete waste of my money. i found the game to be extremely empty and boring. i raised my character all the way to level 11 (which isn't that high) the games combat is really meant for a party of people not a soloist. now to get back on topic, i enjoyed FFX. i thought it was very entertaining. the storyline did get annoying once in a wile but other then that it's a fairly good game. it's nothing compared to FFVII though.
  21. Evil Twin

    i played this game for dreamcast and it was extremely glitchy....i'm glad to know that there is a PC version. i liked the art stile of the game and am now looking forward to getting a copy.
  22. Delicate Rayman 3, touchit, feelit

    i bought my version for $10USD I'm a huge fan of the series and love the game dearly but it's just not the same as rayman 2. game play wise it's a little different but i just feel myself getting board with it. I've only played threw about half and had to put it down. i recommend the game to anyone who wants to give it a shot but don't get your hopes up for anything great.