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  1. Great writing and it feels impressively expansive! I felt like some of the passages were a bit long to be spoken aloud, though - I enjoyed reading them but Alexa is just too damn slow at reading. Nevertheless, this is a great idea for a smart home app - if you're bored at home and want to kill five minutes, have a go on this game and try some different choices. You could even keep updating it with more branches. Hope you get it working on a smart home device soon!

  2. On 2/16/2019 at 10:22 AM, Synnah said:

    it's funny, but it's not a very good game


    I almost agree with this - it is funny (and it's really nicely presented too - cute graphics and amusing audio), and there's not much game there - but I think with some more motivation for physics madness this could definitely be a lot of fun. Perhaps make it more like an actual office chair race - a lot harder to change direction so you end up careening off stuff - and encourage the player to destroy their opponents by pushing them into brick walls, that kind of thing.


    Enjoyed my short time with it!

  3. On 5/25/2016 at 10:59 AM, Ben X said:

    Halo2 hasn't been active for 2 years, so they may not see your recommendation!


    Halo2 hasn't been active for 5 years, so they may not see your recommendation!

  4. The only one I could think of immediately was at the end of Lost season 5 (which fits quite well with this pattern even though it also has a more specific 'tabula rasa' type implication too). But here's a supercut video with some other examples:


    Films used (in order of appearance):



    The Fountain
    Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
    Black Swan
    Thelma and Louise
    Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
    We Need to Talk About Kevin
    Brideshead Revisited
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    The Man Who Wasn't There
    Vantage Point
    Requiem for a Dream
    The Tree of Life
    The Hunger Games
    Solaris (1972)
    Sunshine (2007)
    Vanilla Sky
    Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
    Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
    The Machinist
    All is Lost
    Layer Cake
    The Sixth Sense
    Born on the Fourth of July
    Total Recall


  5. The final half-season of Kimmy Schmidt came out a while back, and boy that show really fizzled out. I loved the first season, felt the second dipped a little then the third one got better again. But season 4 has just been really aimless and, worse, not that funny. Where before it had that 30 Rock feel of meticulous yet effortless, you could really hear the gears grinding by the end

  6. I want Half-Life 2: Episode 3, following Laidlaw's story outline and in the same (or similar) version of the Source engine as the other episodes. Push  some psychedelic visuals and mechanics but nothing too revolutionary. Then the Campo Santo cabal can make Half-Life 3.

  7. Really great interview. Hocking seems a little spiky at times, but gives some great stuff. Did I understand correctly that there is a part three planned?


    I agree with him about games often trying to pack too much story in. The Half-Life games may have wholly scripted narratives, but their storytelling works so well because they know not to bog it down in tons of pedantic detail.

  8. Gave up on Ghostbusters The Game, as it was dreadful. Simply busting a ghost is so fiddly and messy, and despite all the pointless different weapon modes it's pretty much all you do, just trying to wrangle the systems into alignment over and over again.

    The storytelling's really clunky as well - dull video gamey shit, boring dialogue, badly directed. Also, the player-character, "Rookie", looks like a first pass attempt at a Dan Ackroyd model, it's weird.

    I feel like what they should have done was make it tricky to get the ghosts in your beam, but once you do it's simple to get them to the trap, so the real challenge is to catch them without doing too much damage to the properties and therefore making a loss on the job. With some light RPG stuff it could have been like the movies where it's basically just a regular extermination business.

  9. Trailers are out for the sequel. Interestingly, (spoilers for stuff in this trailer)



    they're fully lampshading the 'male chosen one gets to be the hero even though they're less proficient at everything than the lead female character' trope that showed up in the first movie. (However, this directly leads to her being a damsel in distress, so...)



  10. Saw Into The Spider-Verse today and while it's more tenuously connected to the MCU than Homecoming, it's still i"n association with Marvel" so may as well put it in here.


    It is, for my money, hands down the best Spider-Man film ever (bearing in mind I wasn't a huge fan of the Raimi ones). Effortlessly blends a variety of visual styles and riffs on the audience familiarity with Spidey's backstory while using all of the character's (characters') iconography to full effect. Funny, exciting, touching and intricate without being over-worked.


    EDIT: oh, and Venom was laughably bad.