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  1. I watched some of the actual footage first, which didn't tickle my particular fancy, but then I've never had a knack for this kind of game. Then I saw the spy vs. spy vs. spy trailer and it was great! The way they made fun of the competition! Haha, Sam Fisher really got hosed there. I think it's audacious of them to make the comparison between their own game and the two stealth bestsellers themselves. They'd better have what it takes now to make these exciting and hilarious predictions true, or they'll only make an ass out of themselves.

    Regardless, I want more of these kind of trailers! :woohoo:

  2. Yes, that was some pretty awkward timing there. And because you were always locked away in that ultra-scary abandoned hallway I never really found the right time or nerve to hop in again. I probably made the impression of being a socially inept moron :grin:

    Gosh I don't even know when school will start anew for me, I've yet to receive the planning. It should be somewhere begin september, but I estimate you'll be long gone by then.

    I'd really like to write for Idle Thumbs, except that I'm already so busy with the magazines, school and my upcoming highly secret and most excellent webcomic. Maybe later :naughty:

    [edit]: and I duly believe that Jeroen van Geel is swimming in his own Scrooge McDuck moneyvault by now. Either that or he's still trying to get people for that website of his ^_~

    By the way, I like "Dagobert Duck" SO much better than "Scrooge McDuck". Notwithstanding the fact that the whole Duck-family is without a doubt the best thing Disney ever conjured up, postmodernism just isn't something they should practice in their namegiving. Besides that it's great stuff of course.

  3. Marek, you're kidding. We already discussed it a few times in the past... About the time that crazed Jeroen van Geel summoned you to start some website and you thought him a loony. About what I did at RealGamer: well apart from the occasional review (I got myself some nice free games because of that. Alright, one of them was Army Men, but I also got Desperado: Wanted Dead or Alive, which was unfortunately never published because the mag asphyxiated before that one was published) I usually did the crappy work; skimming off websites to write the news-pages. But even though it was slave-labour, I did love to do it and I got some nice experience.

    Hah, we do go back a long way, don't we Marek? I remember emailing you when you wrote in an Adventuregamer (no 's' back then!) Newsletter that you graduated from high school at the same time I graduated. But where you went to the HKU immediately (I assume), I first leveled up at multimedia design in Eindhoven before going to the HKU.

    And now we meet at the Thumb. So it continues...

  4. I'm happy to make my fashionably late entrance on the most excellent Idle Thumbs fora. I hail from Adventuregamers where I am known under the term "Flux". However since "Rodi" is more intricately connected to me, I choose to be known here as such.

    My real name is Roderick Leermakers. I consider myself a hardcore gamer, which some may find strange considering the small amount of gaming I do. Yet, my mind is always with gaming and other such enjoyable pieces of pop culture. While I love all games, my two platforms of gaming are the PC and the Gamecube. The latter entered my life only last year, but I consider myself knowledgable of Nintendo already. And as always, as soon as I grow fond of things, I no longer deem it enough to just experience it like normal humans do. I have to *do* something with it. Combined with my craving for publicity, this resulted in many freelance reviewing jobs. I wrote a few years for the ill-conceived underground Dutch gamingmagazine "RealGamer", write and create cartoons for the excellent Dutch Nintendo-magazine [N]Gamer, and write for the equally-excellent Dutch manga/anime/Japanese culture-magazine Aniway. Even though the job with the [N]Gamer finally upgraded me to actually getting paid a bit for my efforts, I mostly do it for the publicity, the fun and acknowledgment from the masses that I am a :cens0r:authority on all things I write about!

    There you have it.