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  1. Thanks everyone! Hope I can get all this new stuff implemented before Part 2 of the WizJam stream! :tup:


    @Ben X Oh man, you're right, I somehow managed to pick the exact angle where Mr. Puffin's leg blocks the sword from view.. It won't matter in the game, because you'll walk up to it and there'll be a "Press A to Pick Up Rusty Sword" or something. I guess I was too excited to share the Mr. Puffin's head tuck to notice I'd hidden the sword behind him.:o

  2. I did a tiny update, putting in some sort of particle BLAST when you hit or are hit by zombies. *AND* a first version of a z-targeting system! Right now it automatically focuses on the nearest zombie, and you can right-stick to the right or left to focus a new zombie. When you attack you'll always face the zombie you're targeting.

  3. I really liked it!


    Wish it had had better characters.. K-2SO was fantastic! Highlight of the film for me. Second half of the film I preferred to the a bit too rushed first half.


    The first half was a lot of flying establishing shots of various planets that felt really unnecessary and just used up time I would've loved to spend with the characters instead.


    CGI Tarkin was technically super impressive, but I was just so distracted by his slightly uncanny mouth movements that I paid no attention to the plot in those scenes. I'm afraid that and Leia's little cameo are going to be things that'll feel really dated in 10/20 years, when they rest of the film feels so lived in and real.


    All in all, I really enjoyed it.

  4. 2 hours ago, Nappi said:

    I was a bit confused at first as to why I died because I didn't notice that the zombies were actually hitting/damaging me. Maybe you could add some sound for when you take damage. Or was there already, but I somehow missed it? Even better, you could come up with some stylish visual trick to indicate that.


    Yeah, this is one of the first thing's I'm gonna fix when I have time. Visual indication and some z-targeting to make combat not rubbish!

  5. 3 hours ago, SamKD said:

    You can compete against friends!  I just tried to beat you on the castle level.  I lost pretty badly...I don't have a grip on the timing quite yet.  I think if it chooses a level your friends have already done, it preferentially puts them on the list of competitors.


    Ahh, ok! I hadn't seen any friends on the list yet, so just assumed it was completely random.

  6. 1 hour ago, hedgefield said:

    What more can I add - it's a very impressive moodpiece so far. I really enjoyed the directed on-rails-y camera and the dramatic shadows and angles. Would be real interested to play a full version of this (no pressure!), the premise is just mint.


    Thanks! So, what I gather from this is that I might need to put a prompt in that you can control the camera.... :tup:

  7. Thaaaanks! Yeah, without any z-targeting the fighting is quite too hard. Honestly, the whole combat system is weird and sometimes you'll get punched by the zombies' punch colliders even though they've finished their animation. It's a mess! :tup:


    I would totally love to flesh this out eventually. Fix the combat and expand the castle and put in some environmental storytelling and OF COURSE a giant boss somewhere.


    RE: Audio, the zombies have the zombie noise on loop once you get close to them and the thunder/rain athmosphere can be heard under the music on loop the whole time! I definitely used all the assets I sent you.