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  1. Here's some shit I'm working on! It's a personal project. A little animation of four memorable computers from my childhood. BBC Micro, IBM XT, Mac Plus and Macintosh Performa 5200. I've finished the rig for the screens and am now gonna work on animating between the different keyboards. Wish me luck! :tup:




  2. 17 hours ago, SecretAsianMan said:

    I don't totally get why he can't tell Iris who he is.  Keeping it from Joe would make sense to me since he's a cop and was already clearly concerned about his safety.  Iris is obviously gonna keep digging into it no matter what.  Telling her up front seems like the best way to get her to stop.  I guess they're gonna go the Arrow route and keep lying until it blows up in their face.


    The Flash keeps doing this again and again as an attempt at drama and it drags the show down..

  3. I watched the shows out of order, as in I watched a lot of Flash and Legends of Tomorrow before watching Arrow. So I spent a lot of time watching Arrow waiting for the other shoe to drop with regards to certain characters. But it was kind of fun, in a way, having gotten to know some of these characters without any backstory and then later watching their origin story.


    And yes, those flashbacks are the worst and somehow they are still doing it five seasons in.. :(

  4. Good thread!


    I randomly started watching DC's Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash and fell into the Arrowverse hole eventually and now I can't stop. It's cheesy and fun in a way I wish the Netflix Marvel shows were sometimes. ABC's Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter were the Marvel shows I liked the most because they were fun like the CW shows are.


    So yeah, I've grown to like Arrow and am slowly starting up on Supergirl now. The Flash has lost some of its fun lately, I feel. Whenever that show gets *really* hung up on mistrust between the main characters it gets really dour..


    I do really wish the seasons were shorter, because with 24 episodes the shows meander a lot. Shorter seasons without some of the clunkier episodes would make me recommend these shows more often.


    Last note: If Arrow doesn't stop doing the flashbacks after this latest season I am done with it. I can't stand those flashbacks..

  5. I'm just gonna create a thread here in Game Dev, because this isn't just a jam game anymore. I'm still figuring out how large to scope the game and such, but I definitely want to try and make something out of this Mr. Puffin.


    I'll update this first post later, but just wanted to get this started.


    Here's some Explosions!



  6. I like The Leftovers a lot, but I was a person who loved the character drama of LOST, and this feels like Damon Lindelof hammering down on that aspect and basically saying "Forget about the mystery" at every turn. There's still some mystery and twists and magical realism, but he goes out of his way to signal to the audience that in the end it's what the characters do, and not how things became like this, that matters. I like that a lot, but it's probably not everyone's cup of tea, especially consider how bleak and nihilistic the drama can be at times.


    I enjoyed Season 1 myself but Season 2 is generally regarded as a much stronger season.


    Excited for the third and final season!

  7. 2 hours ago, elmuerte said:

    Your stupid Scandinavian cottage scared away the wolves, had to walk five hundred miles to find another wolf. But now I have a wolf pack!

    Now if I can only figure out why the snow golem won't create a snow trail.


    You mean our amazing Scandinavian cottage scared away the wolves. :tup:


    Dibs the chicken has had quite the life, already. Everytime I tried to put up a "dibs the chicken" sign a creeper snuck up on me and toblix and blew up his chicken coop. Luckily, he survived three of these and produced a baby dibs. :tup:

  8. Me and @toblix have been building a sweet, Scandinavian Cottage outside the town. We have a wheat farm, porches and everything a Scandinavian person would want! We even have a chicken called @dibs the chicken and his baby chick dibs jr. There's a road with a sign just outside the center town's (inhumane) cow enclosure, just follow that windy road under the trees if you want to check out our Cottage! Of course as soon as we have placed our cottage in the idyllic, peaceful wilderness someone just built a gigantic castle right next to us! High-rises, amirite?