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  1. Also, Albert and Cole talking to Doppelgänger Dale was super intense and I could just.. feel.. they're intense dread throughout. Having Cole turn up his hearing apparatus and then react violently to the noise of Albert's shoes was a magnificent and scary moment. Like a mundane jump scare or something.


    The woman they talk about at the end, is it Audrey?

  2. I am in love with blank Cooper. The way he is like a baby is hilarious and terrifying at the same time. I laughed way too much every time he yelled "Helloooo!" with that weird intonation. It was such an excellent drawn-out buildup to that final, terrifying/hilarious spit take with the coffee.


    I burned through all four episodes last night and I absolutely *love* this already. What a crazy tonal shift from Part 1&2 to Part 3&4 after Cooper gets out.


    I can't help but think Jacoby's shovels are going to be one massive red-herring and he's just building some weird modern art installation that has nothing to do with the rest of the plot.

  3. 1 hour ago, gdf said:

    You definitely have, but because it is indeed a huge urban legend! I've heard it from a few different people and even told it a couple of times before I got suspicious and googled it.


    I probably have heard some other version of this story, but my brain reacted pretty strongly to the ziploc bag detail which isn't present on that site's story. Considering Jake's retold his brain autopsy story three different times, it's *possible* that Nick's already told this story and everybody just forgot.

  4. I swear to god I've heard that poop story before. When Chris was telling it, and the ziplock bag detail came up I thought "I've definitely heard this specific mutation of this story. Is it just an urban tale?" And then Nick revealed the origins of the story and my brain made the connection that Nick must've told this story in a previous Thumbs cast some time. Has to be. This was the strangest deja vu..

  5. Thanks! :tup: At this rate I might keep making these forever, it's too much fun!


    Here's a quick dynamics simulation on the Star Destroyer, just for fun. It's glitchy with a bunch of bricks bouncing around erratically trying to escape the blocks whose simulation didn't trigger, but it looks rad!



  6. I recently fell down the rabbit hole of the Lego CAD world! So after some tries, I finally got an optimized way of importing .ldr files into Cinema4D for rendering in Octane Render. So, these models aren't mine, they're all downloaded from, but I've done materials/lighting and rendering of them which is a *bunch* of fun!






    And a Lego particle test!


  7. I bought Prey after listening to this cast and the game did not disappoint. It feels exactly like playing System Shock 2, with the art deco design from Bioshock. It's majestic and scary and fun. I hope you guys will talk more about it on later casts.


    OH! And also, are you going to put the latest ruination cast on the podcast feed? I found out I can listen to audio-only versions of the twitch streams, but for some reason it wouldn't load the last Ruination in the twitch iOS app..

  8. Yeah, I had watched the movie before even knowing of the show, because a friend was watching it, her being a big Twin Peaks fan. I didn't watch all of it, but caught Laura's murder and was forever spoiled on the show's mystery. When I finally did watch the Twin Peaks series it didn't matter much, I felt. It's still mysterious and the way they introduce the image of Bob made me question if I'd remembered the film correctly.

  9. I've been doing some work over the last couple of weeks on this. I've started refactoring the levels to use an awesome plugin called Realtime CSG. It basically makes level-editing in Unity function a bit like the old Unreal level editor, with brush subtractions, making adding more rooms and archways a breeze!





    Also, I've started doing hand-painted normal maps, which is a lot of fun.



    And some more environment props.



  10. Just played it for a bit yesterday. I find it mixed in quality, but mostly they did a great job. The cutscenes and closeups look great! That intro was almost perfect, felt like what the original game looked like in my head.


    There's the odd character drawings that just look a bit rubbish, with weird hands and faces. Widescreen-ing the backgrounds creates a slightly more empty composition in some of the scenes, like outside Marley's shack. The biggest bummer is that they went through the trouble of re-rendering all the 3d models but lit them so flatly with almost no black shadows. It's super pronounced when the security drone chopper flies in. The render looks like a daytime render, the underside of the drone chopper is brightly lit when in the original it was all in harsh black shadows like the rest of the world. For all the flak the 3d models caught in the original for looking very CGI compared to the rest, the lighting they did on them back then was much better than in the remaster.