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  1. 5 hours ago, atte said:

    I want to try Minit in part because I'm really curious how they made the 1 minute limit work. It sounds potentially very frustrating, but based on all the positive reviews and reactions, is not.

    I think one nice aspect that wasn't mentioned in the cast is that you don't have to wait the full minute every time: you can restart a fresh minute if it feels appropriate.


    + It has a clever website

    ++ There's also Half-Minute Hero (which I haven't played either) with a similar concept but very different looking gameplay.


    I am not a person who has a super high threshold (or time for) frustrating games. I was expecting it to be more frantic and frustrating (and at certain portions it can defintely feel a tiny bit frustrating) but it was actually very fun and rewarding and everything is finely-tuned so that you always feel like you *can* make it in 60 seconds.

  2. On 9/4/2018 at 2:14 PM, Ben X said:

    Nothing to match those, I'd say...


    Yeah, just looking at some of the highlights of S1, the only one that stuck out in my mind was the diner showdown. I might not be watching this very critically, it's such an easy show to just devour and have fun with because of the half-hour format. There's already one magnificent fluid-related setpiece in the new season that feels like a sequel to the Morgue.


    That is a great interview. What a bummer that it seems like DiGregorio had to fight the producer just to get the morgue stuff in, for example. It's a bummer the lasting impression of S2 was the final episode.. It seems like that soured what was otherwise a really fun season in my head.

  3. Nice! :tup:


    I think S2 has some awesome setpieces but it falls way too hard into its own lore butt..


    Look forward to hearing what you think of the season by the end. Maybe I’m misremembering S1.. weren’t there any fun, gross, inventive setpieces in it?

  4. Huh, I might have to rewatch it, because I *felt* like the balance was heavily in favour of practical deadites/creatures and gore-effects, impacts. I just remember being happy when they summon a big demon from the underworld and it's actually a nicely-made costume creature. They do dip into CGI creatures later on, which mostly look rubbish.

  5. On 30/3/2018 at 2:05 PM, Ben X said:



    I'm about halfway through season 1 of Ash Vs Evil Dead and I'm pretty disappointed so far. In making changes to become a tv show rather than Evil Dead 4, it's really lost a lot of the ED feel and turned into a cheap Supernatural knock-off. It still has moments of charm and fun, but I'm really hoping it finds a strong identity soon, even if it's not a carbon copy of the movies.


    Oh and, incidentally, the sidekick isn't Mexican. I probably wouldn't have realised if he hadn't said it in ep 3, though, and I definitely wouldn't have known he was Honduran if I hadn't Googled it.


    I don't think it improves much. I really liked the first season. I don't particularly feel like it looks cheap.. I guess I just *really* love seeing practical effects work/makeup stuff at a time when TV ususally goes for cheap-looking CGI. The second season was fun but sort of lost its way half-way through. Third season just started and it's fun, but I feel like I'm basically just watching it for the fun, creative practical effects by now and the occasional well-timed gag. I do like the half-hour format, meaning it doesn't have to pad out the plot too much to get from A to gross, fun, practical fight scene to B and rarely feels slow-paced.

  6. On 14/2/2018 at 7:07 PM, Jake said:

    “Moving on from failure,” is maybe most accurate than those who say it’s explicitly about “failure” itself? Sometimes the way someone moves on is to try and turn failure into whatever victory is possible even if the cost is huge, sometimes it’s to wallow in the failure, sometimes it’s self examination and an attempt at reconciliation, etc. (I think that distinction - that the movie is examining “what to do in the face of your failure” as opposed to “a depiction of acts of failing” - is actually what people have always meant in when saying it’s about “failure,” though, so I’m not saying anything new. Arguing against the latter, which I think is a misread of what people mean, is going to drill into needless semantic holes about what is and isn’t “failure.”)


    Yes. This. That's what I was trying to say way back when I said the theme was "failure", but I guess I wasn't clear enough about it. :tup:

  7. Thanks Dinosaursssss! :tup:


    Here's a little video update showcasing the latest assets and spline track updates.



    The sounds are temporary and were quickly made just before I recorded the video and are literally just me making "vroom!" noises with my mouth..


    It's hilarious checking out this old 2014 Tiny Tires video now. Sometimes it doesn't feel like it, but I have made *some* progress on this after all. :)

  8. Oh hai! I've actually been working on this occasionally for the last month.


    Until now my track I was trying to generate rounded corners using Bezier Splines when it finally occured to me I should just.. actually just calculate a circular arc for the corners. So now the corners are sweet and smooth and perfectly round! :tup:




    And then I decided to finally model the bottom of the Tiny Tires car. But then.. I thought, this model is old as shit. I should just remodel the whole thing! Then I discovered Substance Painter and started doing all new textures. Two days later the game is basically the same, except now it has a sweet, new car chassis in it. :tup:



  9. On 15/1/2018 at 10:50 AM, marginalgloss said:

    I finally saw this movie. I liked it a lot, far more than I was expecting to.


      Reveal hidden contents

    My expectations of Star Wars are fairly low at this stage. I loved the original films when I was a kid, of course, but it is not something I think about very often at this stage. I thought The Force Awakens was a good effort -- sprawling, but with some fantastically penetrating imagery -- but I thought Rogue One was mostly lacklustre. I think The Last Jedi easily surpasses both.


    It is, I suppose, too long. But I never felt the length; I was totally engrossed throughout, and looking back on it now, I can't think of anything I wish they'd cut. I think the weakest moments are where it finds itself having to clean up after the excesses of The Force Awakens (Finn's fight with Phasma in particular). When I compare it to the annoyance I've felt with the length and pace of, say, Stranger Things s2, The Last Jedi seems like a masterpiece of concision by comparison.


    The casino stuff brushes over a tremendous amount of detail but the sequence as a whole is a neat exemplar of the film's dream of freeing itself from old paradigms, politics, traditions, moral categories. Of course it's also faintly hypocritical in that classic Disney way: ensnaring the audience with a dream of freedom that only exists within their branded omniverse. We are ourselves the sad-eyed dog-horse-beasts, attended to by the Dickensian waifs in our stalls -- they've been doing this stuff since Dumbo, and they're very good at it.


    I've seen a couple of people compare it to Master and Commander and the work of Patrick O'Brian generally. This is not a comparison I ever expected to make, but since I'm reading through those books at the moment, I'm happy to confirm it is entirely accurate. It's the long, slow chase, combined with the actual conflict endlessly deferred, plus the agonising lack of correct options and the ultimate toss-up between heroic individualism and hard-nosed managerialism. I really liked all that stuff.


    None of the plot holes bothered me in the slightest, though I did wonder about how Rey got to the Falcon near the end of the film. I guess I don't come to Star Wars with the expectation of hard sf internal coherence nor sensitive character development. But I will admit that Leia getting sucked out into space was extremely silly.


    I do wonder how any future films are going to measure up to this. Rian Johnson seems to have taken the questions of moral ambiguity about as far as they can go, and it could be tedious to have all that stuff raked over again. Given that neither Rey nor Ren 'flipped' here, I'll be curious to see if the next film settles back into an old-fashioned good vs evil showdown. And I wonder if Johnson's own separate trilogy will become his way of exploring the 'third way' outside of the rebel/imperial dichotomy that this film teases.


    I'm still kind of astonished that The Last Jedi ended with a scene of a child playing with a Luke Skywalker action figure. It pushes the big Spielberg button but sometimes I think with Star Wars this is the only button worth pushing. Capturing the imaginations of children is the reason this franchise still exists.



    I really like your take on this and agree with all of it. Very excited for this to be out on Blu-ray so I can finally watch it again. :tup:

  10. The most hilarious backlash are the people trying to start the conspiracy theory that Colin Trevorrow was some principled auteur director who refused to direct the follow-up to The Last Jedi because it mishandled Luke's character.


    And not.. just a bad director who got fired when Kathleen Kennedy saw Book of Henry..


    I'm still not super confident in Episode 9 being written by the guy who wrote Batman vs. Superman and Justice League. Although, with all the rewrites on those, who knows what he actually did..

  11. Yeah, Carrie and Mark were both amazing in this.


    Here is a great twitter thread on The Last Jedi, which eloquently puts into words why a lot of people loved the film:



    I wanted #StarWars to take a step "into a larger world" - I wanted that feeling of the stars streaking when jumping to lightspeed for the first time. #TheLastJedi delivers it. It is the very definition of larger than life – a story that goes deeper in addition to going wider.