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  1. .....dude, Duke 3D is the only FPS in the series currently released, Manhattan project is a side-scroller.

    I do believe he was talking about the first two Duke Nukem games, who were in fact side-scrollers.

  2. I played the demo and although I didn't expect much I got hooked right away. Too bad the demo is so short. Bad demo! Anyway, the new way of building roads/tracks makes it possible to actually build up in the air or bewow the ground with turns and height differences underground, not just a tunnel from one side to the other. Same with bridges. No more head-scratching with figuring out how to squeeze an extra railroad between all the others. Now you can just go under or over :grin:

    I can understand some like drag-and-drop, but I can't see how that would work with roads going up in the air or underground.

    As I mentioned, the demo already got me hooked and brings back memories of playing TT, but aside from a slightly different interface I can't see any difference al all from the original TT. I think I'll save my money for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 which looks like it'll be awesome.

    I really don't see the point in putting roads in the air...

    I can see the point in having to go over railroads, but that was easily done with a small bridge in TT. But putting roads in the air for the sake of it is just silly.

    That said, the track-laying thing had me baffled. Drag-n-Drop worked so well. And I couldn't even get a Lorry Station built.

    Little too much like Rollercoaster Tycoon to me. I personally didn't find anything wrong with the graphics, but like Marek had mentioned it's all just too... grainy. The buildings do look very nice. I just wish it had kept the clean style of TT and RCT.

    I'm gonna give it another whirl later on, but first impression was lackluster.

  3. I agree the coastline needs a little bit of a makeup, but I don't really see your point with the random noise thing. There's just as much of a grainy feel to Transport Tycoon as there is to Locomotion. At least, that I can see.

    You're just being insanely picky.

  4. StarFox Adventures had real-time fur, I think.

    With the nifty pixel-shader technology I think it's easier for games to do this now. Or was it some other feature of DX9.. I don't remember. Anyway, it hasn't been done a lot, but is definately possible.

  5. Ok, you all remember Battle City on the NES, right? Well, me and my buddy remembered it a bit different than what apparently is the real game. Upon running the Battle City rom we were highly disappointed that there was only a co-operative 2-player mode.

    Does anyone else distinctly remember there being a 2-player vs. mode? Where there were two eagle signs and you had to protect your own while attacking the other player's sign.

    Is that just some other version of the game, or just a different game altogether?

    HELP ME!

  6. Ok, just thought I'd pass this along to you people.

    RetroRemakes are holding a three-month comptetition to see who can make the best remake of a retro game of their choice. The rules will be announced in half an hour, and the prize money for first place is almost £900 and over 75 prices to be won.

    So, if you're a programmer, stop by their site. And if you're not, you could still drop by and take a look at the devblogs going on from time to time, detailing the creation of these remakes. Maybe you'll spot a favorite of yours being remade.