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  1. ... wait, so you can just install mods and go around discovering and naming everything without any of the survival stuff?


    I'm not too bothered by that, but that still bums me out a bit. Sooner or later a big portion will have this installed and the entire galaxy will be discovered way faster than intended. :sad:

  2. I finally realised that you can Hide the HUD in the Graphics Settings. How did I not notice this shit before taking so many screenshots?!


    Anyway, here's my first HUD-less shot in 4K!



  3. "Experimental Branch" has been released for PC users. Some kind of beta hot-fix of various PC architecture functionality stuff.


    Oh man, yeah. Sorry, I forgot to post that here. It's been out since day one.


    Also! I installed the latest Nvidia drivers from the 16th and they massively improved my frame rate! :tup:

  4. Is that what that button does? I've hit that almost every time I've used the map, and I've never seen anything obvious happen. The rest of the game constantly makes you press and hold to fill a circle or plays a sound cue when you do anything, so not seeing or hearing any sort of response made me think that it either wasn't working or there was nothing to scan.


    Speaking of which, there's a mod to make a mouse click a goddamned mouse click.


    Listening to this week's Bombcast reminded me that Cheat Engine exists, and there's a cheat table that strips away some of the crafting and inventory bullshit. Might be something to look at if all you want to just explore.


    The PC control overlay is the wrong binding, apparently. It's "X" not Tab or whatever it says. :P

  5. It's not super obvious, but you can definitely trace your route back to where you came from. Scanning for discoveries on the Galactic Map will show you your old discovered systems. Last time I scanned I found all my old systems, all the way back to my starter system, and one system discovered by a "Kenny". :tup:

  6. They did an update last night that massively improved the keyboard+mouse controls for me. Mouse movement is smooth and they removed/shortened the hold to confirm time on various UI elements. :tup:


    Or they didn't do an update and I imagined all these weird issues with the mouse... There aren't any change logs, so who knows?

  7. A few planets later I found something similar - these naturally-occuring pedestals with big red floating cubes hovering above them. Just everywhere! on this planet!  I took one and sure enough it's worth like 20k units and it summons a hateful robot who wants me to take only screenshots and leave only footprints.  So I spend some time on this planet, landing in random locations, locating a trajectory of cubes to collect, starting with the furthest from my ship, so I can keep grabbing them and stuffing them into my exosuits loot sack, giggling and shouting FUCK THE POLICE YOU ROBOT DICKS as I do this supermarket sweep routine toward my ship. 


    I love this. So much. :tup:

  8. Yeah, I get you, I just doubt it'll be an issue. There's such a low chance of player interaction that there'll be plenty left for you to call what you want.


    I'm excited to come across my first "Buttplanet" and "Penisaur" though.


    You're probably right. :tup:

  9. Head start on what? It's not a race to finish the game.


    Nah, just a head start on discovering things, claiming planets and species (which, judging from the size they refer to, won't matter one bit!).  I can't afford the game now anyway, so it doesn't matter for me..


    I definitely did not mean that I intend to rush anything. I plan to just hunker down on an unclaimed planet and explore..

  10. I'm saving up before my wedding, so I decided to open up for art commissions. It's digital only, for now. If you're interested, send me a request via art (at)




    Request don't have to be adventure game characters. Can be a president, a fictional person, a friend/loved one, a Pokémon or even yourself!


    If you fancy helping me spread the word, retweets on my tweet of this would be much appreciated. :tup:

  11. I'll be really happy if I enjoy Bustin', but after that trailer I just don't see it happening.

    Did you see the second trailer (not the fan-made edit) that was basically the same but muuuch better edited. I still enjoyed the first trailer, but that second trailer really sold me on it.