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  1. I don't know if pretty is what's necessary, but a defined art style always helps to draw me in. Look at a game like N, where everything is done using stick people. The game isn't pretty in a conventional sense, but has it's own flow and style simply because of the minimalist artistic direction that was used. As for gameplay, I like the direction that you seemed to establish by mentioning that game Sokoban. A crasy-addictive genre you've set yourself in, and I wish you luck.

    I should've been more clear, but when I say "killer presentation" I mean exactly what you're talking about.

    Just like the stickmen in N show, good graphics can be alarmingly simple. BreakQuest doesn't exactly look like a next-gen game, but it feels just as professional because it's polished down to every last detail, and uses physics and particles to great effect.

  2. What is this, like the fifth "video games are doomed!" thread?

    Why play video games if you don't see the point? Go make friends, or something. When I don't feel like being entertained by interactive entertainment, I just go out and have a drink with my friends. Or draw or something.

    However, I do get the need to just play something. And then I usually go and play something that I enjoy playing. And that, to me, is good enough of a point to play something. Enjoyment.

  3. Are you implying that Fate is a DS game? Or were the two statements not quite as closely linked? :)

    No, not closely linked other than the fact that the DS has a lot of pick-up-and-play games. And that's just what Fate is... only for the PC.

    Oh, man. That was needlessly complex.

  4. Is there a release date available for Katamari Damacy DS, I hope it's coming out around christmas? That's one game that I'm eagerly waiting for.

    (Off topic a bit)

    Katamary Damacy might not be coming to the DS. Reliable?


    I recently got completely hooked on an indie game by the name Fate. Fairly generic, comical version of Diablo. But it's just so simple and fun. It's the ultimate casual experience. Makes me glad there's a handheld that promotes these kinds of experiences. :)

    Am in awe at how many good DS games are just around the corner (and even already here) that I just can't afford. At least they'll still be there when my paycheck arrives.

  5. What saddens me -- STILL -- is that Band Brothers is not on that damned list. WTF. Why is this game not being localized? It's better than most DS games. It's an original Nintendo IP. It has Nintendo retroness. It has a saucy goth-like bat chick!

    Maybe we'll get lucky.

    ..there’s a lot of titles like Electroplankton, Jam with the Band, that are being looked at for the US market but haven’t had a launch date or time period set yet.

  6. I think this Zelda looks a good deal better than the last one. Perhaps a little more cartoony and a little less LotR would be better... but at least Link isn't Chibby anymore.

    I haven't seen any of the more recent screenshots, my earnest opinion is that Twilight Princess is a little bland. And it's also mean of the Zelda director to suddenly turn his back on The Wind Waker, saying it was bad, boring and ugly as shit (not his exact words, of course.)

  7. I loved it. Definately preferred it to every super-hero movie I've ever seen. Everything pretty much made sense to me, and didn't leave a whole lot to be questioned afterwards. There was no "Where the fuck did he get that?" or "How the hell does a venom injection make you buffed up and über-strong?"

    The fight scenes never really bothered me, except in the prison at the beginning where he's fighting six prisoners at one time and the camera just goes in circles. I was dreadfully close to the screen at the theatre, so I just felt sick during that scene.

  8. One day I will understand what makes computer game players go weak at the knees over GTA, one day.

    I've played all the different versions of the game, after many encouragments by various mates and I still don't see the point in wasting my time with this series.

    Admitedly I was hooked on the original GTA on the PC for two weeks then I realised how frustrating the levels were. How unclear some of the missions appeared. Plus some atrocious AI to boot.

    And then it finally went 3-D, and things got worse. every scenario a player gets into becomes a microcosm, where nothing outside that acknowledges the events in a realistic manner. Rockstar have done a really good job of giving the illusion that there is a living breathing city around you, but due to the predictability of the loading times, I never felt it very convincing.

    The PC versions of the 3-D games have been the only ones worth playing because the control system is completely retarded, it makes me want to play linear games just so I can feel like I have some choice over my actions.

    GTA has become a jack of all trades, master of none, I played the RC plane mission on VC and it had me close to tears. The uncompromising manner of some of the missions mean that the player might as well going from A to B.

    Shit, I actually preferred Mercenaries and The Getaway. Limited in their scope as they were at least they performed correctly the parts they did attempt.

    As for completing the game a hundred percent, the characterisation was so weak I couldn't have cared less...

    Couldn't agree with you more.

  9. Nintendo was cheap enough to charge $20 per title for old NES games on GBA with zero extras.

    Do you honestly believe they're going to make 200+ games available for download for free?

    Seriously now.

    Nobody's claiming that they'll be giving away 200 games for free. That rumour has already been debunked. I'm hoping they'll be giving something away, as freebies and unlockables, or whatever.

    However, pricing them in the $20's seems pretty high. For the NES games on GBA, they had to make the cartridges. Here it's not going to cost them shit. Yes, Nintendo are cheap, but not that cheap.

    I will almost certainly never buy another Nintendo machine (for myself) ever again (when I have kids, maybe) but it doesn't take a hater to recognize the idiocy in giving away games they could be charging $10 - $20 per title for. :nuts:

    I don't really understand this need to shove it into every Nintendo-related thread that you don't buy their shit. It's completely irrelevant.

  10. Nintendo has already said the Revolution will be about three times as powerful as the GameCube, which is likely to put it below the PS3 and Xbox 360 in terms of specs. (Which will be irrelevant this generation.)

    Actually, that has been debunked already. It was just something CompUSA threw out when they revealed the console just before the press release, not something Nintendo actually said themselves.