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  1. It's DONE!




    Mr. Puffin in the Dark Castle


    Inspired by the episode title "Free Macintosh Warez", this is a spiritual sequel to the Macintosh game Dark Castle with mechanics loosely borrowed from Dark Souls (although in no way as tight-feeling) with an art style heavily inspired by Mike Mignola's comics art.


    Bear in mind this started as an art test, so I just designed/coded outwards from my starting point which was Mr. Puffin's sweet Mignola'esque shader. So in the end, after spending a ton of time on the art, there isn't much game to this. You can fight the zombies and they will eventually kill you. There is no reward for beating all the zombies (aside from being able to watch their ragdolls twitch around)


    I hope I can keep working on this in some form, because I really like the feel of it and the art. I could expand this into a single castle of Dark Souls lite gameplay thing. Tiny Puffin Souls!



    - Z-targeting!



    - Mac and Linux builds!

    - Particles for the candalebras



    Update jam_v02: Updated the death so it restarts the level automatically after a couple of seconds. AND you can quit using the "Escape" key, fittingly.



    OLD: I may have accidentally started a jam thing yesterday. I don't expect to actually finish anything (because I'm also doing a team jam), but maybe it'll be a nice art thingy with minimal interactivity! Who knows! :tup: 


    I did a box art, tho.




  2. If it does have touchscreen (quite handy for menus and such when in tablet mode) it could just be a situation where some games have a different tablet-mode and TV-mode.


    So, say Mario Maker (and Nintendo would be foolish not to have Mario Maker on this) would have level editing when in tablet mode and no level editing when in the dock.


    The same rumours that predict there's a touchscreen suggest that Nintendo has a mandate that all games must work on both tablet and dock mode and with controllers and whatnot, but that doesn't necessarily mean they have to be identical in all modes.

  3. I'm super stoked about this. Haven't been this excited about a Nintendo device since GameCube! :tup: 


    RE: Touchscreen and battery life, there are still rumours from the reliable sources, that basically confirmed all that we saw in the video, that suggest it still has touchscreen and motion control, but opted not to demo it in the video to avoid association with Wii and Wii U and mobile phones. And that the battery life might be somewhere around 3 hours (ooofff... is that similar to the 3DS?) although that might just be from prototyping. Who knows. All rumours, still. But coming from reliable sources.




    EDIT: Ok, I figured 3 hours sounded like not a lot, but seems to be similar to both 3DS and the iPad 2. So I don't know if that sounds too bad anymore.. It'd be enough for the commute, at least.

  4. Just mentioning that Ash vs Evil dead is pretty fun. But it's pretty dumb and the way it handles all the leads is even dumber. Ash is condescending and gross in a Chevy Chase/Pierce Hawthorne way, the mexican sidekick is dim and dependant for most of the time, of course the girl needs saving. But if you have a need for more evil dead stupidity then the show has you covered. I never finished the whole season but i think there is an undercurrent of tongue in cheek self awareness. It just might not be enough to satisfy many people.


    It's loads of fun! I agree about all the characters, except I feel like the show has loads of self-awareness of it and makes sure Ash feels as stupid and old-guy as possible whenever his gross and insensitive jokes come up.


    Season 2 just started and it's great!