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  1. I thought the time travel stuff was executed pretty well. They explain that you can't change things in the past to change their present. Any change that happens just creates a new branch (essentially introducing what will probably be a multiverse thing years from now) The only wrinkle The Ancient One puts on the story, is that these branches *also* matter. That the people living on in those branches aren't meaningless, thus they need the stones back so they can actually fight the evils of the world, such and such. It's hand-wavy, but they spend a lot of minutes from an already long movie to make it fit together, I thought. Captain America goes back in time and spends his days growing old in a new branch of time, which has no effect on the MCU movie branch, then returns to his actual present. Loki disappearing with the stone in one of the time branches, the stone is still there in that branch not breaking Tilda Swinton's "get the stones back" rule, just not the same place as it was in our MCU movie branch.


    It's convoluted and contrived, but the movie spends time explaining its rules and it *does* follow them. The only question I have left, because I wasn't paying attention to it, is where is Gamora. Was she on the ship at the end? I agree they just hand-wave Black Widow away because they don't want the can of worms of "can we just bring back all the dead Avengers, then?"


    Oh, and I *loved* this movie. As a massive Marvel nerd by now it was everything I wanted, honestly. Love you 3000.

  2. On 1/11/2019 at 3:39 PM, Roderick said:

    Yeah. I didn't like it. I finished the entire thing (except the final space world, which requires you to get every collectible coin eventually), but thought the whole affair... off, and not immersive like the 3D Marios. I kept not liking the controls and the control I had over my character in those boxy levels, and the levels themselves... ehh. It felt like work. Contrast that to the continuous sense of wonder every pixel and moment of a Mario Galaxy pours over you and yes, I find this disappointing.


    Ah, that's a bummer. I think 3D World is probably my favorite "3D" Mario game. It perfectly blends the tight level-design of the 2D Marios with the more free-form movement of 3D Mario and it just keeps introducing new and genuinely fun mechanics throughout. To each his own!


    I hope 3D World isn't the last time Nintendo makes this kind of Mario...

  3. On 12/16/2018 at 5:14 PM, TychoCelchuuu said:

    I quite like The Tick too. I love Serafinowciz and it's cool because the guy who plays Arthur is one of the co-hosts of a podcast I love so I've been a fan of his for a long time. I think the second season is coming relatively soon so that's cool.


    Yes! Blank Check's Griffin Newman! :tup: It was very weird to finally watch him in something, because I'd gotten so used to listening to him on the podcast. But he's really good as Arthur/Mothman!


    Really looking forward to Season 2.

  4. I've started watching The Tick and am really enjoying it. It's very different from any superhero show out there and although it sometimes goes a bit too broad, comedy-wise, most of the time it's a whole lot of fun especially Serafinowicz as the always-earnest Tick. :tup:

  5. I’ve played a bunch of two-player team mode, which is my son’s favorite. It’s excellent, with the free-form movement and fun co-op mini games. My son seems to like it more than the linear board game.


    The rhythm mode is a bit janky. The gyro registers an extra move sometimes when you don’t want it. But it’s a fun mode for anyone not interested in the board game aspect.


    I tried the boat mode with my son. It seems fun, I think I’d love to play it with other grown ups but my son thinks it’s too stressful..


    I havent played enough Mario Party in general to know if this is better than the other ones. But I think it looks fantastic, and I like it more than MP10.

  6. Yeah, this is what happened back when the site didn’t have any new articles and when the first podcast stopped. The community survived through that, just smaller and quieter. It’ll eventually become noisy if/when the Thumbs get back together. But don’t feel like you *have* to hang out here in the meantime. You can always come back later. Or just hang out in the slack, which is still pretty active.

  7. I'm not an expert in this stuff, at all, but we never pick the Quadros at the office because they're way more expensive and don't have a better GPU render benchmark than the same generation's Ti cards. The new Quadro GP100 seems like a very powerful card, and it beats a single 1080 Ti on benchmarks, but for the price of one Quadro GP100 you could buy nine 1080Ti cards getting about 7x the speed of that single Quadro.. :/

  8. Maybe Nvidia were so quick to release this, without much game support, because of the professional 3d market potential. A lot of studios use GPU render engines for their 3d work (we do almost all our 3d in Octane Render) and the performance boost from just the most basic implementation of the new RTX cards is quite big when it comes to GPU rendering.  So they can sell to the more serious professional studios who can afford the stupid high price tag and then when more games are compatible with RTX, the price will have dropped to something slightly more suitable to the consumer market?  I don't know, pure speculation, but I think studio GPU rendering has become big enough of a market for Nvidia at this point.

  9. Hey! I really wanted to work on this again. I've always thought it was cumbersome to get images into the project. You have to overwrite panels if you want to update them with a new image, and so and so.


    The solution to that would be actual local folder access, so that you'd point Cwine to a project folder and throw assets in there and always have acess to them and they'd update automatically. Doing this in a web version is a pain. I considered adding Dropbox support, or something, but it just sounded like a pain to implement.


    So, *naturally*, I decided to just rewrite the whole thing as a desktop app instead! :tup::fart:


    It's still very early, but I've got a project folder browser operational, which was the big part!



    I tried out Electron at first, but I feel like trying to juggle all the different frameworks and shit to just make a simple UI layout and the canvas node view is just not worth it, so I decided to learn JavaFX which I'm finding super fun to use! :tup:


    Anyway, it's still super duper early, but here's hoping I have a functional version soon!


    Also, most importantly, here's the swanky, new logo!



  10. Thanks everyone! I spent the evenings this weekend on some hand-rigging practice. Was a lot of fun. Always wanted to figure out how to properly rig some cartoony, but sharp, fingers ala Wreck-It Ralph. Plenty of stuff to figure out still, but I'm happy with it so far.



  11. Ah, yeah, that does sound a bit like the Meat Circus music. The song I used is a cover of part of an old song called "Powerhouse":



    The cover was by The Underscore Orkestra.


    Ben, I was looking for it way back when I first started working on Tiny Tires. I had this idea that one of the tracks could be driving around a Rube Goldberg machine, with this track playing. Don't think I'll ever do that, but ever since I've been looking for any excuse to use it. Finally! :tup:

  12. I liked it a lot! Was expecting a mess, but found it surprisingly coherent and easy to follow. And it was so much fun. Very solid laughs throughout the film.


    I'm someone who really enjoys almost all of these films so I guess I was always going to like this. But I thought they did a great job of spending just enough time on each pair-up that it never felt disorienting.


    The only one that felt really underused was Captain America, although he reminded me of why I love him when he meets Groot. A+ exchange between the two.


    I for one am super excited for Avengers 4 now.


    Thoughts on where Avengers 4 is going, based on some set photos:

    I hope the originals Avengers, especially Captain America, get much more to do and an actual arc in this one. Considering they're almost the only ones left now (and the fact that this could be the last movie for some of them) that's probably a sure bet. The set photos that have been going around suggest there'll be some time travel shenanigans, which tracks with *half* of the universe needing saving. I'm very, very excited to see Captain Marvel come save the day, but there's a lot of pressure on her solo film being a success. After shaggy, dark Captain America I'm very stoked to see him back in his regular outfit via whatever time travel/flashback device they're going for.