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  1. Name this movie

    I'm pretty sure it's Dobermann.
  2. Seen any good movies lately?

    I've seen A Mighty Wind now, the whole thing. So good. In fact, awesome.
  3. Smilies that I hate

    :\ these are the ones I hate. get rid of them. (<-- love this one)
  4. Seen any good movies lately?

    I've recently seen small parts of A Mighty Wind. Looks awesome. Have to see it sometime soon.
  5. Pandaaaaaa!

    Pan-da pan-da pan-da pan-da pan I like Pan-da pan-da pan-da pan-da pan Pan-da!
  6. Write some reviews in 15 words or less

    Autechre - Cichli (Chiastic Slide) - nine minutes of the perfect mix between abstract and melodic IDM Melt Banana - Scratch or Stitch (MxBx 1998: 13000 miles...) - most mindblowingly awesome opener for a live recording, ever. Idle Thumb's Photo Essays - stunning pieces of art Idle Thumb's artwork - nearly as stunning Samuel Adams Boston Ale - made me like american beer
  7. Write some reviews in 15 words or less

    Melt Banana - 13000 miles at light velocity, indeed
  8. Zork test thread

    > Kill all the people, take all the money, buy all the alcohol
  9. Zork test thread

    We're playing quake now? > Kill all the people.
  10. Seen any good movies lately?

    You should definitely see it again, the "final" version. Apparently Wong Kar-Wai wasn't completely satisfied with the cut shown at Cannes (didn't he edit it right up until the moment it was shown?). I found this quote here
  11. Seen any good movies lately?

    Two or three times. Three, I think. Not sure though.
  12. Seen any good movies lately?

    Yeah, it's been finished for quite some time now, but it's true that Kar-Wai re-cut it after Cannes. I saw it in Sweden, which means it must've been showing in a lot of other countries as well, I presume. It's probably my favourite movie from last year. It's amazing.
  13. Jet Set Radio! (or if it's Jet Grind Radio in the states, not sure...)
  14. Another Question for Americans

    I don't recall having seen one of those before, but, it's not like I can remember every kind of car I've ever seen. As you said, it's rare and a sportscar. Maybe we just didn't get it. It doesn't seem very reliable either. And no, I don't know shit about cars except how they look like. But I am a real Swede! And Volvos are very common here. And... yeah...
  15. Another Question for Americans

    Wtf is that? I've never seen a model like that, ever. Must be sold for the dutch market, exclusively. Mabye it's not adapted to our extremely fucking winter-y winters.
  16. The Rez man joins Microsoft

    Indeed. I don't get it, people are still getting upset that some people like to develop games for Xbox/2? What's so sad about this? Why does it matter if he makes a Rez game, or whatever, for Xbox instead of GC or PS2?
  17. Games everyone likes (but really suck)

    I agree on Sam and Max as well. Didn't play for more than a few hours until I got bored, and I haven't touched it since. And that was back when I still liked to play adventure games (or video games, although I still enjoy that occasionally). Hmm, there's gotta be some more... But, Castlevania!? Damn, Symphony of the Night is perhaps the greatest game, ever. It's pretty damn close anyway.
  18. Pulp

    Impossible! Let's talk about Boards of Canada.
  19. Halo, what a waste of time?

    Ninja Gaiden!
  20. Halo, what a waste of time?

    I agree. It's all about which combination of weapons you have at any given time that makes all the difference.
  21. Halo, what a waste of time?

    Halo's single-player mode is excellent, because it's an excellent game. But, it's nothing compared to the awesomeness that is the co-op mode (or the various modes of regular multiplayer, co-op being slightly more awesome) and that is how the game is meant to be played. So yeah, single player mode with a friend!
  22. Seen any good movies lately?

    The Return An impressive debut by director Andrey Zvyagintsev. A minimalistic, suspenseful family drama about two young brothers being reunited with their twelve-year estranged father. Very intense and evocative. Slow pace, perfect to savour the fucking gorgeous visuals. And the acting is amazing, I'm particulary impressed by the two youngsters.